Just Love it Bass fishing

After getting my line broke several times I switched rods then took all the line off the reel and replaced it. My advice is to never ever, ever buy that Cabela’s Line. Brand New Line and Snap Snap Snap. It cost me a lot of fish and some big ones. I was fishing a small Midwestern Lake in April with Spinner Baits and White tube jigs. They were absolutely smoking the white tube jigs. The ones I used today were a Venom Salty Tube with a weighted 2/0 sycle hook. The wider gap hooks work better with the tube jig. The camera I used was a Sony HXR-NX30 and I actually had a camera person running the camera in a professional manner. Models are Cassie, Lauren, Cheyenne, Sarah, Alexandria, Carri. Some say I have models in my shows just because. My question is why wouldn’t you want to have models in your show. The Fishn’ with Joe Series is one of the first dedicated online fishing show series ever made and most likely the first fishing show ever partnered in by Youtube.