Let me start out by saying this was my experience with this years STQT, here in New Hampshire. Some days are set a certain way, and…well…others are different. Day 1, for me, was rather successful. I had 6 pounds and was right in the pack having great ability to leap forward on day 2. Well, on Day 2, that day was just a very fun day with a very cool guy. Not so great on the fishing side of things, as we both just caught 1 dink by the end of the day and gave in a few minutes early. We tossed our dink fish back into the waters and off we went.

I just want to take a moment to thank New Hampshire BASS Nation President John Foster for an exceptional opportunity and experience here at the NH STQT. I’d also like to thank Brian Emerson who is my club (North Country Bronzebacks) president, and without whom I wouldn’t have been given the chance to do cool things like this. Finally, thanks to my boaters Jon Oppenheim and Leo Lavin IV. Each boater gave me a truly epic experience for my first time fishing on Winnipesaukee and I genuinely wouldn’t change a thing or the outcome (Leo, I’m looking your direction 😀 )

At the end of it all, my fellow club member Cam Sterritt took out the competition and nailed 1st place in the overall standings! This is just fantastic! He goes on to fish nationally and hopefully make his way up the ranks. Congrats to you good sir!

Filming gear used:

GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition
Adobe Premiere Pro

Music Used:

Imagined Herbal Flows – Another Reflection (Nujabes Rework) – Mindfull LP
Imagined Herbal Flows – Stars – Mindfull LP