Largemouth Bass caught on MS Slammer – 4lb 13oz – One Cast One Bass Subscriber Edition Mini Moment8

Subscriber Glen Rose catches a 4lb 13oz behemoth Largemouth Bass and submits the catch to my channel’s “One Cast One Bass” subscriber edition series.

This is the 8th video in a series of videos I’m going to do called “One Cast One Bass”. In this series of videos I will show all pure catches starting from the moment of cast and ending around the moment of release. No music, no real tricky editing, just good clean catches.

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Special thanks to Glen for submitting a tank. Nice catch man!

Fishing equipment used:

Rod: 7′ 9″ St. Croix Mojo Bass heavy power fast action

Reel: BPS Revolution RMC300h 6.2:1

Line: Berkley big game 20lb.

Lure: 9″ neon perch MS Slammer

Film equipment used:

GoPro Hero 4:
Adobe Premiere Pro:

Music used in welcome and end screen:

Ellissentials unreleased bits 🙂 (aka, me. My music)