My Friend Almost Caught His PB Largemouth Bass

Went fishing with Bobby, Jay & Art a couple of weeks ago at Occoquan Reservoir in Virginia. It’s my first bass outing of the year and I haven’t caught a bass yet for 2018. I witnessed Bobby almost breaking his personal best largemouth bass by catching a big 4.27 lb. beast. His PB largemouth bass is 4.5 lb. I got skunked that morning at the Rez as well as Jay & Art. Bobby caught his giant 4.27 lb. bass with a tiny deep diving silver crankbait.

I still don’t have the best luck when fishing the Occoquan Reservoir, so comment down below and let me know what tactics and techniques work for you to catch huge giant bass there at this time of the year. I might go back again a couple more times in the Spring and try to break my PB bass there.

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