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In this video, my Father and I fish a pond the DAY BEFORE it ices up for winter!

The bite was incredibly subtle, but we managed to hook into some great bass and bluegill, and have the time of our lives!

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25+ pound Smallmouth Bass Limit on Blade Baits [6lb KICKER]

Freezing temps, snow, wind, ice and treacherous roads = smallmouth bass stacked like cordwood. Do you know how to catch them with blade baits? If not, here’s what you need to know! Subscribe and hit the “thumps up” button for a HUGE bag of smallmouth bass!

—Blade Baits—
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—Spinning Rods—
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—New and/or Recommended Reels—
Daiwa Tatula LT Spinning Reel:
Shimano Sustain Spinning Reel:

—Braided Main Line—
Seaguard Smackdown:

—Recommended Fluorocarbon Leader—
Seaguar Invizx:
Seaguar Abrazx:

—Recommended Camera for All Conditions—
GoPro Hero 5 (((Voice Activated))):

*Disclaimer – All haters can keep on keepin’ on. Thanks for the views and thanks for supporting my channel if you’re enthusiastic about our game. It’s a way of life to chase bass in the Inland Northwest. We battle the environment, the fish and ultimately WDFW. Why? Because it’s in our blood. Fish on and keep grindin’.


The Shad Are Everywhere!

In this video I go to one of the ponds that I cast net in and the first cast I end up catching about 100 shad. The warm weather recently has pushed the shad up to the banks and I was catching a bunch every cast! I ended up catching 10 bags and my fish enjoyed them!!

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Hooked Up! Bass: Using football jigs for Largemouth Bass in Minnesota, and Wisconsin (late summer)

Learn tips for fishing football jigs for huge late-summer largemouth bass in upper Midwest states like Minnesota and Wisconsin. Bass Utopia blog’s Jason Holmer ( dials in the bite, providing In Depth Outdoors’ “Hooked Up!” host Greg Huff with best hour of fishing in his life. We encourage our viewers to subscribe and comment on videos you enjoy, or trips you would like to see.

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Catch MORE Bass This WINTER (Bass Fishing Tips)

In this bass fishing tips video I show you how to catch more bass this winter. Bass fishing in the winter can be fun but hard at the same time. There are a few key tips to bass fishing in the winter thats important to know so you can catch more bass this winter. I show you different bass fishing tips for the winter and some bass fishing baits that are great for winter bass fishing. Let me know if you like these bass fishing tip videos and what bass fishing tip videos you would like to see next! Also let me know if you would like to see another winter bass fishing video!

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Bass Fishing for BIG Bass! (THE SEARCH FOR A 5 POUNDER!)

Got out Bass Fishing and finally got to use my scale! Join me on my mission to break the 5lb mark! #BassFishing #BigBass #DropShot #WhopperPlopper #5PoundBass


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Fish INHALE This Bait || Catching GIANT Fall Bass

Get off your phone and get to the lake…the big girls are eating!! What are your favorite baits to throw in the fall? Let me know below.

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Finesse Fishing Tips and Setup

Folks today, I give you some of my tips for finesse bass fishing! I also share one of my favorite finesse setups for smallmouth bass. I hope you enjoy the video! God bless

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Live Bait vs. Artificial Lures

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Bass Fishing on Pomme de Terre; Tri County Bass Club, Short Video (24secs)

Short Video (24 seconds) on catching a few keeper bass on what is one of the best bass lakes in southwest Missouri, Pomme De Terre lake!

Go here for the full details.

Turned into a hot early May day and by 1 pm only had 1 15″ keeper in the boat. Decided to switch from ‘hard baits’ to soft plastics, so switched to the old reliable ‘tube lure’ and headed down a slightly shaded bank just south of Goodys resort cove! ended up catching 2 more keepers from 1pm to 3pm weigh in at Hermitage park.Tri County Bass Club of St Roberts is the club if you don’t have a boat or if you want to fish the lakes of southwest Missouri!

Contact them on Facebook, they are the one out of St. Roberts and are looking for new members! Also a great bunch of DOD and current or former army guys!!

Randy Yancey, Bass Angler


Unboxing – Lary’s Lucky Leaders (CFN Fish Off Sponsor)

The CFN Online Fish off is an online multi-species fishing tournament. 50 teams (100 anglers) competed in a 6 week tournament.

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Top 5 winners of the online CFN Fish Off will be getting some cool prizes from our amazing sponsors.

If you have not seen season 1 of the CFN Fish Off, watch it here:

Thank you to Brian Button from Lary’s Lucky Leaders for providing these prizes.

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Vision X Lightbar Road Brightness Test

One of the most important pieces of equipment I own-The Vision X XPR lightbar on the front of my Toyota. I value this light bar on early mornings headed to fishing or headed to hunt.

There are mornings that are so dark,foggy, wet or all three. That I have to run half the speed limit. With the Vision X XPR light bar. I can get back up to speed.

Check it out for yourself.

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