Spring Bass Fishing On White Lake!

Cant wait to get out on the lake this spring so I decided to put together this video of me slaying some largies last spring on my home lake! Hope you guys enjoy, …


Arena Public Information Meeting | Talking Stick Resort Arena | January 5, 2019

The public was invited to attend this meeting to discuss the proposed #Renovation for the city-owned #Downtown Arena, known as #TalkingStickResortArena. Much of the information presented, including background and history of the facility, the proposed agreement and frequently asked questions involving the Arena can be found on Phoenix.gov/Arena

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Sixty Seconds Underwater: Episode #3 Largemouth Bass Underwater

In this episode of “Sixty Seconds Underwater, we get up close with Largemouth Bass in their natural habitat. See underwater footage of Bass where they live.


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OOH Campaign – Linc (Pentonic Pens)

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Catching Bass Flipping in the JUNGLE!!

Want to learn how to pull big fish out of the thickest, nastiest stuff on the water? Travis Moran dissects shallow water bass using the Strike King Rage Bug, …


BBD Dialogue Kelly Puppo Talks MS Slammer, Old School Castaics, 80's Hardbaits and New Swimbaits

Welcome to a special look at the dialogue we have en route and during our adventures as we search for the fish of our dreams.

We are going to do a series of dialogue videos with our friend Kelly Puppo of Southern California, who’s been the young up and comer in the west coast bass fishing scene in the 70’s, 80’s and a seasoned veteran through the 90’s, 00’s to current day. Much respect to him and those like him for being true pioneers. We can all learn so much from these gentlemen.

Here Kelly goes through some old school baits including the MS Slammer, 10 Inch Castaic Boot Tail, 10 inch Huddleston’s and some 80’s hard baits and some new Swimbaits from Defiant.

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Sight casting BIG BASS Fly Fishing 2020


I Hooked a Bird (Flipping Grass for Big Bass)

Catching bass flipping in dead grass.

-Gamakatsu EWG,
-Brush Hog, green pumpkin


Fishing Finesse Swimbaits to Catch More Bass

Fishing finesse swimbaits can be a great way to trigger bites when it is tough to catch fish. Swimbaits are a natural presentation and using finesse gear and …


Ice Fishing For Bass (New York 2020) Non Stop Madness

Ice bass fishing anyone? Today we went to a new body of water in New York. We found there to be a huge population of large mouth bass. Ice fishing for large mouth bass was all there was on the agenda. Ice fishing 2020 is in full effect. Use this video for Ice bass fishing tips to help you catch big bass through the ice. catching bass jigging and tip ups and jaw jackers. bass fishing tips for winter
winter bass fishing tips and techniques
**********HOW WE GOT THEM***********
We found the fish to like the depth of 20-25 feet (deepest part of the lake is about 40)
– we fished live minnows (fatheads) on a size 6 hook on the tip ups and jaw jackers.
-every single fish we marked was riding the bottom and we had to pick them up from there.
-for the jigging we used several different jigs with bright colors and all worked about the same. We baited the hook with minnow heads.
I hope this helps out a bit!




Walmart 128 Piece Bass Fishing Kit Challenge (Surprising!)

I was Tackle Shopping in Walmart and found a 128 piece bass fishing kit that fit my budget! Can I catch fish using only this fishing kit? $10 Walmart Fishing Kit …


Dude Perfect Panda | Episode 1

Panda sighting…?
Watch Episode 2 –

Follow Link for Panda Premiere Video…

Hang out with us here!


BOWFISHING a POWER PLANT Discharge Canal!! (Crystal Clear Water)

I dusted off the ole bow and headed back to the power plant canal I fished a week ago to do some Bow Fishing! Turns out, practice makes perfect behind the bow. Regardless, I shot several carp that will turn into awesome fertilizer for the garden! Do you guys like the bowfishing videos?

BOWFISHING DISASTER!!! HOW did that Happen??

Bow Fishing & Bass Fishing Ponds w/ THICK Grass!!


When: Saturday March 7th, 2020, 8AM-2PM
Where: Concordia Jr/Sr High School
15656 Fort Street Omaha Nebraska
What: BS w/ me about fishing, MF’er Merch, 6S Tackle, MF Rods for sale

How to use LIVE BLUEGILL to Catch Bass!!

I CAN’T BELIEVE the GIANT Fish in this TINY Pond!!

BULL FROG Catch and Cook! (SO DELICIOUS!!!)

Micro Fishing for a NEW PET!!!

Unexpected Catch While Fishing a Small Creek!!

I CAN’T BELIEVE the GIANT Fish in this TINY Pond!!

Cops Called while Fishing by Power Plant…he was PISSED!!!

GIANT Bass Barely Fit Through the Hole!!! (Pond Ice Fishing)

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BASS Nation Angler of the Year 2016 Dobyns Rods – Dean Silvester

BASS Nation Angler of the Year 2016 Dobyns Rods – Dean Silvester 2016 BASS Nation Angler of the year Dean Silvester runs through his choice of rods for the …


February 6, 2020, Catching LARGEMOUTH BASS IN THE WINTER!!!

February 6, 2020, Catching LARGEMOUTH BASS IN THE WINTER!!!


5 Cheap Baits that Catch Bass

More Bass, Less Money. These 5 baits are super cheap but catch a lot of bass.


Bass Fishing in hurricane winds on Lake Hartwell

Fished the Clemson Bass Fishing Fundraiser event on Lake Hartwell with my buddy Trent Palmer (@palmertrent) on October 8th, 2016 and battled high winds resulting from Hurricane Matthew. The fishing was tough, but we managed the victory due in part to a couple key fish.

After filling our limit we got into a giant school of hybrid’s and caught them on topwater, which didn’t help during the tournament but are fun nonetheless.

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Early Spring Fishing|STRIPED BASS & LARGEMOUTH California

From the canals to the duct as spring is just a week away the bite continues to pick up and I’m just more n more pumped about this season its looking like a very …



▼ See video description for more tips & info shared by viewers

► About This Video
A black desert online step by step tutorial on fishing for new players on what gears to work towards including fishing rods, clothes and buffs. Also tips on whether you should use a sub-character to do fishing. Also included are cheap buffs and also, which pet is recommended.

► New Players
If you are new and do not know how fishing works, watch this first video instead: Basic Intro To Fishing:

► Additional Tips
Keep ancient relic shards and see this guide on how to make use of it to earn more silver.

► Experiences Shared by Viewers
Contributed by: ArsenicSteel000
If you main is a sailor or barterer, then fishing might just match the towns that you are returning to e.g. Illiya or Port Ratt, (even if you are a monster grinder e.g. at Kama or Duvencrune), your main can also be a good afk fishing character given that you would be returning to those towns daily. Bonus tips is that there are also good imperial fishing trader NPC in those towns.

FireFoxFoxy @ Kakao Games Official Discord
Thirea (EU Nocturis) @ Kakao Games Official Discord

► Video Timestamp
1:13 New Players Note
1:45 Which Rod to get
3:00 How to P.O +10 Items
4:34 Which Clothes & level to get
6:50 Cost effective buffs
7:59 Book of Life *WARNING*
8:54 Main or Sub Character
9:58 Pet Recommendation
10:20 Special Skills *WARNING*
11:03 Skills that stacks
11:49 Pet Setting *IMPORTANT*
13:03 Community Creators *PERMISSION GIVEN*
13:57 Thanks Onigatana (Discord )
14:26 Community Content Showcase

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– Limited edition Arctic Fox Preview:
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Free Realistic Snow Overlay by Kosmos Motion Graphics

Top Free Intro by Shaheen


Catching Bass on Lipless Crankbait – Linter Fishing Secrets

Jared Lintner did well fishing a lipless crankbait down at the first MLF Bass Pro Tour tournament down at Lake Toho. Lintner’s favorite secret lipless crankbait is a …


You Should Be Proud To Be Patriotic | Varun Sivaram | Oxford Union

Varun Sivaram argues for the motion that ‘This House is Proud to be Patriotic’.
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Varun Sivaram opens the case for the proposition with an intriguing question: “Why is America the best country in the world?” Sivaram takes a wry look at this question, and recounts that America leads the world in only three categories: number of incarcerated citizens per capita, number of people who believe angels are real, and defence spending — where America spends more than the next 26 countries combined.

However, Sivaram elucidates what patriotism isn’t — “It’s not extreme, blindfolded or disparaging”, but rather “an affinity for, and identification with, one’s country”. Moreover, he advocates how patriotism is a transcendent extension of our interpersonal relations, and that nationalism and jingoism are merely distortions of the term.

Filmed on Thursday 14th November 2013
MOTION: This House is Proud To Be Patriotic
RESULT: Defeated.

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Twitter @
Oxford Union Website @

Varun Sivaram is a Rhodes Scholar and former Senior Advisor to the Mayor of Los Angeles.

The Union is the world’s most prestigious debating society, with an unparalleled reputation for bringing international guests and speakers to Oxford. It has been established for 190 years, aiming to promote debate and discussion not just in Oxford University, but across the globe.