Clown Knife Fish and Largemouth Bass in South Florida

Clowning Around – Capt Blair Wiggins goes bucket list fishing for the clown knife fish and big largemouth bass in Lake Ida, South Florida with Capt Kevin …


Deep Cranking the Megabass Big M on Clear Lake with Rico & Travis Part 2

Big Bass on the Deep Crank from world famous Clear Lake, California. Deep cranking with the Megabass Big M 7.5 kicks out some big fish for the team as they learn to fish the hard baits for the first time on this #BBDpersonalTraining session with Oliver Ngy.

More to come from this day including a very vital piece of the puzzle!

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50lb Braided Line

Flourocarbon Leader

Megabass Big M 7.5 Crankbait


How to catch bass ice fishing

Even though ice fishing is a lot of fun, catching panfish gets old after a while. Here are my four tips to catch largemouth bass during the hardwater season.


CHEAP $5 Academy Fishing Kit BUDGET Challenge (HUGE BASS)

In this bass fishing video we use Academy’s cheapest fishing kit for a budget fishing challenge and catch huge bass! This is my first Academy fishing video! Budget bass fishing kit challenges are so much fun to me because it really does put up a challenge. Overall bass fishing with Academy’s cheapest bass fishing kit was a blast and I’d love to do another budget bass fishing kit in the future. Do you buy bass fishing gear at Academy? What bass fishing tackle do you usually buy at Academy’s fishing section? Have you ever bought a budget bass fishing kit? Let me know if you like these bass fishing videos / Academy fishing videos. Also leave your feedback on Academy bass fishing kit videos / budget bass fishing videos. Now let’s going fishing with Academy’s cheapest fishing kit and catch huge bass!

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Guntersville Flipping for Giant Bass – Gerald Swindle

Gerald Swindle is back on Lake Guntersville with The Bass University. In this bass fishing video class ( the full 1hr+ video is available to subscribers at …


The Bass College – Tips for bass fishing Post Spawn

If you’re looking for more fishing videos, Outdoor Hub has you covered with our Fishing Tips and Entertainment playlist at:

The Bass College Owner and Staff give tips on how to catch more bass in tournaments.


SNEAKING into SECRET Bass Fishing Ponds! Almost Caught Exploring Backwoods Hospital

Myself and some friends went exploring a backwoods hospital in search of some secret bass fishing ponds and were almost caught! Exploring for new bass …


Cecilia VS Bass….Ragazza a Pesca

Vedere la Ragazza che smette di prendere il sole per prendere in mano una canna da pesca ha dell’incredibile…vederla tirar a riva anche due bei Bass è uno SPETTACOLO!!!


Avena Jumping In For a Bass | Stage One Lake Eufaula

You ever get a 4-pounder hung up in 55-degree water? Next time you do, just call Adrian Avena and he’ll go in and get it! Adrian Avena, the founding father of …


Bedding Bass Behavior

Site fishing for bedding bass and looking at their behaviors through the spawn and different strategies for catching these fish.

You need a good pair of polarized lenses in order to site fish effeciently. For best visual acuity use a lense that lets in a little more light than a darker pair of lenses. I like 20-40% light transmission depending on the cloud cover. Check out my favorite lense for sight fishing here


Rip N' Rap/Hyperglide For Giant Smallmouth Bass!!! (Underwater Footage)

I hadn’t made any personal goals for the 2020 ice season yet.. So I figured, what the hay? Lets make it a hard one.. Even though they are JERKS through the ice, smallmouth are one of my favorite fish to catch.. What would even be better, is WATCHING them eat on the underwater camera, using big baits… We will get it done. I think…




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BASS Nation Glenbawn dam 2017 – Bass Fishing – Dean Silvester

BASS Nation Glenbawn dam 2017 – Bass Fishing – Dean Silvester A quick version of the weigh in and a bit of insight into how i caught the big bass that …


Lure fishing Bass and Pollack – Sea Fishing UK

I had a great mixed day fishing for Bass, Pollack and Ling all in the same session just by switching up the methods and the marks according to what the conditions were doing. Lures and baits both accounted for fish, I show and explain my methods and the reasons. I hope you enjoy the video.


Smallmouth Jerkbait Tips with Bass Pro Bill Lowen

Hook Shots host Joe Cermele joins Elite Series Bass Pro Bill Lowen on Lake Erie near Buffalo, New York, to learn a few tricks for turning smallmouth bass on …


BIG Island ! Warthog, Dirt, Puffer Fish and MORE ! Raft Update | Z1 Gaming

BIG Island ! Warthog, Dirt, Puffer Fish and MORE ! Raft Update | Z1 Gaming

#raft #Z1gaming

Raft throws you and your friends into an epic oceanic adventure! Alone or together, players battle to survive a perilous voyage across a vast sea! Gather debris, scavenge reefs and build your own floating home, but be wary of the man-eating sharks!

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10 LB BASS! 2020 BASS Elite Series! Personal Best! Make Or Break Event 1:4.

Untamed Tackle 2020 BASSMASTER ELITE SERIES PRO Follow along my journey as I attempt to catch trophy bass, hone my craft, entertain, and share my …


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Big Bass Catch MLF Vs BASS Controversial Commentary Plus Arkansas Bass Fishing

This video has a little bit of everything! It contains a big bass catch, some MLF/BASS commentary, and a shout to Arkansas bass circuits! This is mostly an …


Barramundi Like Megabass Lures #BigBarraDreams Part 3

Night 2 of the Big Barra Dreams tour brings us back to an inland dam outside of Mackay, Queensland in the Northeast of Australia. Oliver Ngy is fishing with Ash Sims and attempt to best the 125cm beast that Ash caught the night prior!

After Ash successfully lands the first barramundi of the evening, Oliver gets in on the action and sticks one on the Megabass Konosirus lipless vibration bait only to have it jump on near the boat. An hour or so later though, a barra decides he liked the 6″ Magdraft Freestyle rigged by Ash enough to get the trailer hook pinned in its jaw hinge. Turns out barramundi like megabass lures!

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Video has become one of the most valuable learning tools in fishing, as important to learn from as watching “tape” is in any sport. The only thing that beats it is actually LIVING it.

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Tackle Breakdown

Shimano Tranx 300

Megabass Konosirus

Megabass 6″ Freestyle Magdraft


HIS BIGGEST BASS EVER!?!/Sam Rayburn/Spring Bass Fishing

Comment below your favorite way to catch Spring Bass!! Im thinking of starting a series where i step out of my comfort zone and do some bass fishing? What are …


Throwing 10 Inch Worms for Big Bass in the Slop – Facts of Fishing THE SHOW

Dave breaks out his 10 inch Rage Tail Anaconda for some slop dwelling largies!