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September 12 2010 2:00pm Lake Geneva Wisconsin W 7mph. 75 degrees Sunny. Barometer 30.11 Rising, Waxing Crescent 32% of the Moon is Illuminated.BEST BIG Bass Fishing for Bass Tournament Fishing The BEST Bass Tournament, The Big Bucks Bass Tournament http://www.BigBucksBass.Com/ @ Lake Geneva Wisconsin with The Hewkinators, Mark and Jeramie Hewkin ……………………. Captured ONLY on http://www.HawgNSonsTV.Com

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Choose Your Lure, Three Must-Have Lures for Your Tackle Box-PartIII

You have just  launched your boat onto your favorite lake with dreams of that big bass dancing in your head. Within a few minutes daylight will start to break across the water.  Steering to a familiar cove, you shut down the motor and glide toward a group of trees protruding above the surface.  Lowering the trolling motor into the water and easing your way into a likely looking spot the boat coast to a near stop. You have come armed with your best top water lures and you are ready for some bass kicking action.

Hello, my name is Craige Bottorff, owner of CFB Fishing Gear and this is the third in a series of three articles called Choose Your Lure, Three Must-Have Lures for Your Tackle Box. Part III.

There is a lot of  bass fishing fun to be enjoyed in the great outdoors but perhaps none more exciting than the heart stopping action of top water fishing.

Top water baits can be fished most any time but I have found them to be the most effective in the summer months and on into the fall for largemouth bass. Early morning or late afternoon just before dark is the time when the bass will be receptive to top water baits. It may seem that when the water is perfectly calm and the surface is smooth as glass the fishing conditions might be considered close to perfect.  I would say not so.  I prefer a slight breeze that causes a small ripple across the surface of the water.  The ripple breaks up the fishes vision of the surface and beyond and yes fish have good vision. There have been times that I have seen fish in the water and could see them react to the bait moving through the air before it hit the surface of the water.

There are times when fish will strike almost anything thrown in front of them. Other times not so much.  One lure that I have come to appreciate for its dependability over the years is an old standby, the Heddon Zara Spook.  Introduced in 1939 the Zara Spook has become a favorite among thousands of anglers and was the first Heddon lure to sell over a million.  Famous for the water action called walking the dog, a method of working the bait across the surface twitching right and left on the retrieve. It takes a little practice to get the rhythm down right.

Sometimes the Zara Spook can be allowed to just float on the waters surface for a few seconds with no movement at all.  Then with just a slight twitch every few seconds the lure can be  made to resemble a wounded shad or other bait fish. I have seen bass explode on the Spook knocking it two or three feet in the air and missing the hooks completely. That is why when fishing top water baits the angler must learn to be patient when setting the hook  Because the bait can be seen on the surface of the water it is easy for and angler to get excited and try to set the hook as soon as the fish makes its first pass at the lure, pulling the bait away from the fish and losing the opportunity. The best way to avoid an attempted early hook set is to wait for a second or two after the bait has been pulled below the surface then set the hook.  If the fish misses the bait on the first strike sometimes it will come back and try a second pass but the most successful method is to learn to time your hook set.

The Heddon Zara Spook comes in a variety of sizes and colors.  I like the 5 inch, Bone color. It has been a good producer for me but I have had good luck with several other colors as well.  Sometimes a certain color can be hot for a particular lake. Try them all and make your choice. You will see why the Zara Spook has been such a success story for so many year.

fishing-articles/choose-your-lure-three-must-have-lures-for-your-tackle-box-partiii-4905033.html”>Source by Craige Bottorff

Bass Fishing at Night

Many people who are just starting out in the sport of bass fishing sometimes find it difficult to determine when the best time to catch bass really is.  Or – even if these rookies know the best times to fish – it can be tough to decide which method to use to actually catch the bass once they’ve started fishing.  The good news is that bass fishing has become such a prolific sport that there’s no shortage of advice to help get you through those troubling start-up times.

Bass, like most creatures, will usually stop biting during the hottest times of the day.  So during the summer months when the sun’s especially brutal, your best bet is to wait and enjoy the relative calm and cool of night fishing.  Bass fishing at night is best when you’re sure that the water won’t drop below sixty degrees.  Night fishing is a pretty much a sure bet if you’re fishing during the months of July and August.  If you’re fishing in the southern states, you could potentially fish at night for the majority of the year as temperatures may only be below eighty degrees for three or four months during the hardest portion of the winter.

If you’re going to fish at night, you shouldn’t have to change your habits too much.  Simply go out to deep water and look for the large rock formations and crevices on the bottom that provide shelter for the bass to hide out in.  This will increase your chances of catching a good-sized bass.  Of course, you’ll need to remember that in the dog days of summer when temperatures are in the 100o+ plus range, it’ll be difficult to catch bass at any depth above twenty feet, even at night. 

Another technique to use when you’re night fishing is to use a heavier type of bait or lure.  There are several reasons to do this.  One is that you’ll probably need to get as deep into the water as possible to attract the best fish and a heavier tackle will allow you to do this.  The other is to use a heavy tackle on the line to help you feel when you’re close to snagging a fish since it will be far more difficult for you to see anything at night.  This sensation of feeling your catch and using that as a means of guiding you through your night-time fishing expedition is a great way to get even more in touch with your overall fishing experience. 

Since you’ll be going out at night, it’s best to take as little equipment as possible so that you don’t clog up your boat with unnecessary clutter that will only get tangled up in the end.  However, don’t skimp out on the safety equipment you’ll need at night.  Some people who fish at night use black lights to help them see the nylon line – which glows under the black light – and to keep their equipment in check.  If you plan to fish at night alone, you’ll also want to have basic first aid equipment and a cell phone in case of emergencies.

fishing-articles/bass-fishing-at-night-478762.html”>Source by Ling Tong

Sight Fishing for Bass in Clear Water

Me and Shaine are teaming up to go after some hogs during the early part of the spawn. We found a lot of smaller male bass moving up on beds, but not the really big females we were hoping for. Later in the day we adjusted to catch more big fish. Be sure to go watch how we transitioned to catch them…


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Largemouth Bass Cabin Critter 17″

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How to Analyze a Bass Hole: Think and Catch ’em!

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Think like a bass! Get in their minds by using these thoroughly researched bass-catching concepts. Increase your catch-rate and hook the trophy bass of your dreams! Start by analyzing and applying the strategies, patterns, preferred conditions (the three clines) in their environment. Get to know bass behaviors through the seasons, including which baits they love and when to use them.

Lure Fishing #116 – Big Smallmouth Bass Fishing (20.5″, 19.5″, 18.1″) with Swimbait Jigs

Total smallmouth bass in the video: 4

Best smallmouth bass in the video: 4:26 (& 5:57)

I was jig fishing at a river in New York during summer (mid July, 2015). I was fishing by swimming and jigging swimbait jigs around a dam for big smallmouth bass, and I ended up landing three big smallmouth bass — 20.5″, 19.5″, and 18.1″ (master angler length) — all in around an hour.

This is one of many videos in the Lure Fishing series — watch others for triple-digit numbers of fish, trophy fish, the tips and techniques I pick up along the way, and more!


Largemouth Bass Fishing Tips To Help You Have More Success Catching These Sought After Fish

Do you enjoy fishing for largemouth bass? This is a popular past time for many people. The key to being successful in catching these fish is to know how to do it right. There are many largemouth bass fishing tips that you can learn to help you have the success that you want every time you go fishing for these fish.

Here are some important largemouth bass fishing tips that you need to know.

One: When you are fishing for largemouth bass, the area that you decide to fish in is very important. You need to determine if there is a current, how much shade there is, if the water is clear or murky and even what the underwater terrain is. These are all things that you need to study and learn about in order to have the most success when fishing for these fish.

Two: One of the most important tips for largemouth bass fishing is that you need to have the right equipment to catch these fish. Don’t get any items that are not quality because they will not do you much good. Have you ever heard the saying, “you get what you pay for”? Well, when fishing for largemouth bass, this is very true, so make sure that you get only the best equipment.

Three: One thing that many people don’t realize is that the bait you use is vital to your success in catching largemouth bass. The best bait to use is live bait because this seems to attract the largemouth bass the most. You have to take into consideration how you are storing your live bait for freshness. The best way to make sure you have good bait is to get the bait right before you start fishing for these bass.

Four: One of the largemouth bass fishing tips that you don’t hear too often is to go out and try different things. There are many things that work when fishing for largemouth bass, but if you don’t try new things, then you will never know if they will work for you or not. So, don’t be afraid to try new things, if it doesn’t work, then you can always try something else.

These are not all of the largemouth bass fishing tips that you need to know about. There are so many others that will help you have success when fishing for largemouth base. The above tips are very important, but don’t let them be the only tips you learn about. The more you take time to educate yourself on catching these fish, the better chance you will have.

fishing-tips-to-help-you-have-more-success-catching-these-sought-after-fish-928135.html”>Source by Tim Stokes

Bass Fishing Tips: Bass Fishing 101 Techniques for Beginners

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Enjoy the Wonderful World of Bass Fishing

Bass fishing is a wonderful sport that anyone can enjoy. It is not only enjoyed by professional anglers but also kids and elderly people as well. Bass fishing also teaches the discipline of patience and the appreciation of nature. It is a relaxing hobby that everyone should try out at least once in their lives. If you are one of the many people who are contemplating on doing this hobby then it is important that you have a guide to help you navigate your way through the wonderful world of bass fishing.

With this book, you will be able to learn about the following:

  • Understand the biology of the bass fish. Chapter 1 discusses about the types of bass fish that you can catch in the rivers of North America. It also discusses about the senses of the bass as well as their preferred habitat. By knowing these information, you will know where and how to find the fish in your nearby river or lake.
  • Chapter 2 discusses about the different types of bass fishing equipment. In depth discussion about the different types of bass fishing equipment such as the fishing line, reel, rod and baits are described under their own section.
  • Learn indispensable techniques and tips on how to be a better or successful angler in Chapter 3. This chapter discusses about the different tips that you can use once you are out in the open and doing bass fishing.

Bass fishing is definitely a sport that you will enjoy but without the right guide, enjoying the sport can be a very difficult thing to do.

Thus, this book will serve as your comprehensive guide on what you need to do to be able to enjoy bass fishing as well as become a successful angler in no time at all.

Liz’s Quest to Break Her PB – Trophy Bass Fishing

Liz decided it was time to go all out in an effort to break her personal best bass record of 10 lbs. 9 oz. Follow along as we make another Summer road trip in search of the biggest bass in the South. I tied on big swimbaits, 12 inch worms, jigs, and deep diving crankbaits for this trip. Will she break her record?

12 inch Junebug Worms
Scent: Garlic Spray
Rod: 7′ G. Loomis IMX
Reel: Lews Team Pro Mag
Line: 17 lb. Stren Mono
Hooks: 5/0

Camera Gear:
GoPro Hero 4 Silver –
GoPro Hero 5 –
Chest Mount –
External Mic –
GoPro Housing –
Clamp Mount -
Suction Mount –
Micro SD –
Drone –
Zoom Camera for Blowups –
Editing Software –
Charging Station –

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Pro TacticsTM: Bass: Use The Secrets Of The Pros To Catch More And Bigger Bass

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Bass fishing is the top angling sport in the United States, supporting a 4.8 billion dollar industry. This book teaches the ins and outs of fishing for largemouth and smallmouth bass, covers the basics of tackle and equipment, presents detailed instructions for rigging artificial lures, and explains how to find and fish for bass through the seasons and in different water conditions and cover. A final chapter provides advice for anglers who fish in tournaments. The result is a complete, up-to-date course on bass fishing for the beginning to intermediate angler, with valuable tips for experienced anglers.

Used Book in Good Condition

Jerkbait Bass Fishing Tips – How to Retreive a Jerkbait

Jerkbaits are great springtime bass fishing lures for clear water lakes. Fishing these lures with the right retrieve will catch more fish. In this how to fishing tips video, Texas bass fishing guide Stephen Fatherree,, explains how to fish a jerk bait in shallow water for largemouth bass.


How to Analyze a Bass Hole: Think and Catch ’em!

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Think like a bass! Get in their minds by using these thoroughly researched bass-catching concepts. Increase your catch-rate and hook the trophy bass of your dreams! Start by analyzing and applying the strategies, patterns, preferred conditions (the three clines) in their environment. Get to know bass behaviors through the seasons, including which baits they love and when to use them.