Pros and Cons of Oil Spill Dispersants

Oil spills cause a lot of harm to the underwater communities affected by the oil. The utilization of oil spill dispersants is sometimes controversial because of misunderstanding about the principle of dispersing oil and the lack of knowledge of the limitations of alternatives response techniques. These dispersants are the chemical products especially designed for marine clean up. They are exclusively developed to deal with problems associated with marine related oil spills and the professional clean-up operations that follow the spill. The advanced marine technology has made it easy to tackle the marine oil spill problems with the help of advanced oil spill dispersants.

The main purpose of oil spill dispersants is to remove the spilled oil from the surface of the sea and transfer it into the water column where it is rapidly diluted to below harmful concentrations and is then degraded. The dispersants reduces the damage caused by floating oil to some resources like the sea birds, and minimizes the damage that could be done to susceptible coastline by spraying the dispersants on the oil before it reaches the shore. However, the use of the dispersants has the potential to present a small risk of temporary and local exposure to dispersed oil for some marine organisms.

The oil spill dispersants do not function to remove oil from the water. Instead, they break down great oil areas into much lesser pieces that make it simpler for all the sea creatures to deal with it. The down side is that dispersants also facilitates the spreading of the spilled oil more extensively into the atmosphere. While the center of everyone’s attention is to do everything possible to prevent the oil from reaching the shoreline, often it is often overlooked that there is a large effect on sea floor organisms caused by the oil. These days, robots are being used undersea to spray the oil-spill dispersants directly on the oil since it spreads on the ocean floor.

Using oil-spill dispersants is a controversial topic, as many people feel that they add to the harms caused by the pollution. However, there are other groups of people who support its use because it is the most quick and effectual means of reducing the harm that is likely to be caused by the spill. All the evidence that has been gathered during thirty years of research indicates that there is only small risk to marine life when the dispersants are used, when compared to the direct effects of the spill. It has been scientifically proven that the utilization of dispersants can be an effective oil-spill response method and there is little likelihood of oil-spill dispersants causing negative effects unless they are used in shallow water or very close to particularly sensitive species.

Even in cases when oil spill dispersants might cause negative effects, the positive benefit obtained by their use might outweigh this to produce a Net Environmental Benefit. Nevertheless, any use of dispersants must be carefully planned and explained to all those who might be affected by an oil spill.

Source by Ruth Caldon

Run Guide Run– river smallmouth bass fishing

Joe Raymond is a licensed and insured Smallmouth bass guide on the upper main stem of the susquehanna and juniata river. Visit him at

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Bass Fishing Keowee River Lake Hartwell

Beautiful yet windy day on the Keowee River on Lake Hartwell. This is truly like driving a race car. What an adrenaline rush. A special thanks to Nitro Bass Boats (2005 Nitro 929) and Mercury Marine (2013 250 Pro XS).
for making such wonderful high performance products. Thanks also to Lowrance and Buckeye Lures. All you see here was towed by my 2011 Toyota Tundra.


Big Bass on Lake LBJ, TX

Got a new GoPro camera for Christmas and took it out on the water for the first time this past week. I went to Lake LBJ here in Texas on a bitterly cold morning. The ice build up on my rods, reel, and line was pretty severe, and I haven’t experienced that much ice build-up since ice fishing in Utah! Nonetheless, I managed to catch a chunky 7lb Largemouth Bass during my first GoPro outing. Suh-weet!


Large Mouth Bass Fishing Lodge Ceiling Fan Pull Light Chain

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Perfect for your lodge or cabin decor, this hand painted 3D resin bass fan pull has a 12″ chain that connects right to your existing fan pull chain. The bass measure 3″ long x 1.25″ wide at widest point. Very realistic detailing! A fun decor enhancement for any outdoor enthusiast!Hand painted large mouth bass ceiling fan pull.
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Catching A Giant Prespawn Largemouth Bass

A day of Bass fishing went better than planned, fishing a Lake in south/central Pennsylvania. I started out by using the XR-10 that was aready tied on with 40lb fluoro from recent musky fishing and caught a bunch of smaller bass in pretty short order… The fishing slowed down as the afternoon went on, but the size improved until the end of the day when I got my PB 7lber on a Jignpig.


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Did I Actually Catch a BIG BASS!?! …and more Boat Trouble

With water temps still in the mid 40’s i’ve had a tough time catching bass, but that all changed today!

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The Smallmouth Bass Freshwater Fish decal will look great on your truck, car, boat, trailer or any of your fishing gear that has a clean, smooth finish.

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1. Clean the surface your decal will be applied to.

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