Top 5 Things Not To Say To A Pisces (Or Pisces Rising Sign)

1. Here, take the crown. It’s your turn to rule.

Huh? Wanna scare the beejeebers outta your Pisces? Shove them to the front of the line. I don’t think so. Pisces are rare creatures that love to serve (More than Capricorns!) But you cannot force your Pisces to do anything. No. If you’d like them to take charge of something, ask them to HELP YOU. Then give them the outline, the task at hand. Once they feel secure in their position, wow! Watch them go…swim little fish swim!

2. You should be more direct.

Gimme a break. First of all, that’s an outright criticism. They loathe personal attacks. Be more responsive to their feelings and WHY they’re not direct in the first place!

Second of all…Have you ever seen a fish swim up to the glass and whack it to get your attention? Nope. Pisces will infer, indicate, use innuendo, sometimes to the point of passive aggressiveness…ooh, they’re just scared of the frontal approach is all (and sometimes you wished they’d swim far away from Martyrs Anonymous!)

But unless your Pisces is a mix of Gemini and Scorpio, there is no such thing as direct. There is hinting and there is suggesting and there is saying, “Sure, whatever,” a lot. They would never harm you. BUT they equate directness with possible harm.

If however, your Pisces starts to attract a lot of bullies, it’s an indication that they need to set boundaries! Help them by showing them that it’s okay to say, NO. No simply means ‘no thank you.’ It doesn’t mean, ‘I condemn you to death.’ (must be some past life thing.) Then get them to an acting class where they can work it out as someone else.

3. Wait! Stick around…hold it!…

Poof. They’re gone. How do they do that? When ever they say, “I’ll call you right back,” be aware…they operate on a different Galactic Calendar and clock…where right is left and back is front and time is twisted into an eternity and never the twain shall meet.

Your Pisces is fragile and needs lot of down time. The odd thing is that Pisces fills that down time with more stuff to do so the endless ‘TO DO’ list short circuits their timing and inner clock. Oh, they can be there on time…that’s not the issue. They’re responsible and prompt and reliable. (as long as they’re not addicted to Dancing with the Stars or Prison Break).

Pisces distracts itself from the word ‘deadline.’ They envision fish hooks and no bait. Pisces likes to morph a lot. Let them. Give them space. You’ll never figure them out anyway. Just tell them that you need them and they’ll show up. Ta da! Hey! Where’d they come from? How the hell do they do that?

4. Tell me the TRUTH!

I’m sorry. You just can’t yell that to a Pisces. First of all they don’t like yelling and second it implies that they’re liars. But wait…there are those breed of Fish that are addicted to being cynical, held in emotionally, and their only form of communication is conspiracy theories and yelling or the silent treatment. Those are the childish Pisceans of the world. God love them and let’s help them to feel safe. But regarding your typical “super friendly, with a million friends in their date book kind-a-Pisces”…just don’t yell at them. Simply make an observation about their behavior. Let them know that you see them!

They have the guilt thing and feel completely responsible for the world’s ills. (Yeah, like it’s their fault for inventing reincarnation and Karma or something). Pisces already knows that the truth will set them free. They just keep swimming around past their negative inner voices that tell them there is no freedom.

Pisces is devout and pious and metaphysical. They love to hear HOW someone made it out of the darkness and into the Light. They think that particular truth might be theirs so they’ll try it on for a while and see. Ideal Vision is the most precious resource to a Pisces. They must have the ideal in front of them as a model. But then again, they’ll put themselves down because they’ve not reached the ideal. (Hence the morphing business.) Which can seem like crazy making when all you want to know is…their truth!

5. I dare you.

Here we go again. Trying to get Pisces to do something in the most direct way will result in their disappearance for sure. (see the movie Jumpers? Yeah, like that.) The world seems so harsh to Pisces. They need their distractions.

Sometimes that excessive painting or photography or those glasses of wine or foreign packs of cigarettes or to be the prize winning member on Netflix all become the crutch for living with so many different realities on this Earth. It’s a lot you know! Back off.

Never dare your Pisces. But do hold them and love them and help them to feel safe in THEIR world first, and then in yours. Eventually they build a bridge to the outside and although that bridge may be invisible to others, it helps Pisces have a way out of the madness that is human chaos.

Encourage their art and beauty and vision. Pisces make great illusionists, artists, actors, scientists, and politicians. They look for the hows the whys and the deceptions-to unlock the mystery or to be the mystery! That’s Pisces.

Michaelangelo was a Pisces-irate in his vision because he absorbed the intensity of life. Albert Einstein was also a Pisces. Couldn’t maintain a marriage to save his life, but he gave us a vision of the world we never knew existed. Shri Baba Meher was a Pisces. Devout, holy, bringing the illusion into reality.

Have you noticed that this entire Top 5 report seemed to stray from the titles, it’s an amorphous homage to Pisces! Thanks mom and dad! If ever there were two Pisces so much alike and so much at odds…two fish swimming together in opposite directions. Pisces…the ultimate magic act.

Source by Elaine Edelson

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Technician Etiquette

Have you ever arrived at a job to make a repair, only to have the customer rant and rave for 15 minutes about the last technician or company that was there, and how they screwed the system all up? Who hasn’t, right?

So what do you do? LISTEN. That’s all they want, someone to listen to them. Let them vent, and get it off of their chest. When they pause for breath, they’re usually done. Don’t disagree or argue with them, or you will give them another shot of adrenaline, and off they go again. You will always lose in an argument with your customer, no matter who is right.

If they are bad-mouthing another company, don’t agree with them either. You are not there to pass judgment on anyone else. If you talk down about another company, the customer will think badly of you, too.

I know, you’re just there to get the job done, and move on to the next one. But half of your job, as a service tech, is PR work. You are the person that the customer deals with on a face-to-face basis. When he/she talks to anyone in your company on the phone, it’s your face they see in their mind.

You are not there to blame others. You are not there to accept blame for the problem, either. However, it is okay to apologize for the problem. “Wow, sir, I’m really sorry this happened to you.” You’re not admitting that it’s your fault, but you are showing that you care that this happened to him. Your next line to say is, “Let me see what I can do to take care of this for you”. Now, he feels that you are on his side, and will probably leave you alone to do what you have to do.

Don’t be afraid to admit when you’re in over your head, either. Your customer will understand and appreciate your service more if you say to him, “This is a little beyond me, but I’m calling (another tech/my supervisor/tech support), and we’ll do what we can to get this fixed”. If you don’t know the answer, at least know where to turn for it. That’s what will make you a good tech. And, don’t ever say, “That’s not my job”. You’ve just slammed a door in the customer’s face. Prepare for tongue-lashing number 2. A better answer would be: “That is usually handled by our (Billing/Service/Sales) department. Would you like me to (get them on the phone/give you the number/let them know)?”

Always be honest with your customer. It’s a lot easier to remember the truth, than it is to remember which lie you told to which customer the last time you were here.

I’ve always treated my customers as I would treat a friend. This doesn’t always work, though. Sometimes, it’s obvious that the customer doesn’t want another friend; they want a professional to take care of the repairs. You’ll just have to play it by ear.

Remember, if you don’t present yourself to the customer as a professional, they will:

  1. Wonder if you will be able to serve their needs.
  2. Tend to ignore any advice you offer.
  3. Pretty much give you a hard time, all the way around.
  4. Include your company’s name in their next tirade.

Don’t be part of the problem. Be part of the solution. The customer will remember that the next time he needs service. P.S. Probably the best thing I’ve ever heard upon arriving at a job is, “Oh, thank God you’re here. I know it’ll get fixed this time.” (Ouch. I think I just broke my arm!)

Source by Mark Beghtel

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