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Vidéo Américaine sur la pêche du black-bass aux leurres avec des prises de vues sous marine et combats en direct.
De superbes images et des attaques impressionnantes de black-bass.
Désolé pour la qualité.


Kambakkht Ishq – The Indian Movie with Hollywood Touch

Action, drama and glamour, Kambakkht Ishq seems to have it all! A big budget movie with Sultry Kareena Kapoor and handsome hunk Akshay Kumar, Amrita Arora, Aftab Shivdasani, not to forget the impressive Hollywood star cast as Sylvester Stallone, Denise Richards and Brandon Routh, this movie is sure to be a complete entertainer. The movie takes bollywood to a new level and standards. While still in production, this movie has created a rage and many like us are anticipating its release date.

The story of the movie is the main attraction of the movie. Viraj Shergill (Akshay Kumar) is an eminent stuntman in Hollywood and thinks that women are only good for making love and nothing else. While Simrita Rai (Kareena Kapoor) is supermodel who labels all men as dogs. Viraj and Simrita meet but cannot stand the sight of each other. But inevidently, destiny always brings them together in most unforeseen circumstances! So what happens when Viraj and Simrita meet at Simrita’s best friend Kamini’s and Viraj’s brother Lucky’s wedding? Will they try to stop the wedding? Watch out for funny situations and comedy capers!

This movie is completely shot in Los Angeles A.K.A Hollywood with its lush Beaches and Picturesque landscapes. While many movies have been shot in prominent USA cities like New York and Miami, etc. This movie seems to be the first to be shot at Hollywood, the commercial headquarters of the USA based movies. Some of the movie parts have also been shot in Beautiful Venice. This is indeed a big achievement for Indian movie Industry.  With Akshay Kumar acting as a stuntman, this movie displays lots of fight and daring scenes which were done by Akshay Kumar himself. Kareena Kapoor seems to be in her best form and playing a role of a glamorous model puts her in limelight!

This movie is estimated to be of 60 crores and this movie has promised quite some special acts for the movie which are creating a bang! There is a special song recorded by bhanga -pop group from Briton RDB, acronym for Rhythm Dhol Bass. RDB walked in to Kambakkht Ishq movie after Carmen Electra and other international artistes who were supposed to participate in the track walked out. A favorite with Akshay Kumar, RDB were first heard in our cinema for Vipul Shah’s Namastey London followed by Singh Is Kinng.

Kareena Kapoor has sported a dress worth RS. 800,000 in a song “Kambakkht Ishq”. With such impeccable and expensive work done in a movie, who wouldn’t be tempted to watch it?

Finally, Kambakkht Ishq film is India’s first movie into Hollywood with a great star cast and a wonderful story, the music of the movie seems to be on everyone’s lips and everyone is eagerly awaiting its release. Many of the Indians are expecting this movie to be the biggest blockbuster of this year. This seems to be Indian Industry’s first step towards globalization and certainly Hollywood. The movie has given entry to a new era of Indian film Industry. Let us see now how much this film exceeds our expectations.

Source by Manoranjan Prusty

The End of Summer: Bass Fishing for BIG BASS! Sundolphin Bass Boat!

What’s up everyone, been dealing with what’s called “Interference Syndrome”: it’s a swelling and rubbing of the tendons that run from your forearm down into your hand. So basically, I’ve been in a lot of pain. But I couldn’t resist a shot at a big fish, so I got braced up and hit the lake with my brand new Sundolphin Sportsman 8 boat! I purchased this convenient new toy at Dick’s Sporting Goods and could not resist getting it out on the water to test out! Luckily the brace held up and I managed to land this beauty! All in all it was a great day to be out on the water in the new boat. Thanks for watching as always!


Boomerang Original SNIP Fishing Line Cutter, Grey

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Revolutionary fishing line cutter designed to cut braid, fluoro and monofilament lines with ease. Built-in retractor allows for easy extension, and avoids loss or misplacement. Designed for easy, one-handed use, this cutter is perfect for all types of fishing.Stainless steel jaws cleanly cut fishing line
Tested for repeat cuts on up to 50lb braid line
Great for all marine applications
Blunt tip for safety

Bass Madness: Bigmouths, Big Money, and Big Dreams at the Bassmaster Classic

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In Bass Madness, fishing authority Ken Schultz goes behind the scenes of the so-called “Super Bowl of bass fishing” to uncover what turned an unassuming sport into a full-blown sporting spectacle complete with athletes, spectators, TV cameras, and intense drama. This is an entertaining and enlightening guide to the history, legends, and lore of bass fishing’s greatest championship.

Winter Bass Fishing With Football Jigs

WATCH IN HD! Chase and I set out on a cold morning in each of some Christmas break green ones! The numbers were not there but we caught a few chunks! We caught most of the fish out of 20+ feet of water on 1/2 oz football jigs!

Periscope- Cole wess

1/2 oz football jig
1/2 0z blade bait
Strike king football jig

Powell 714 endurance
Line – 17lb saguaro flurocarbon
Reel- 7:1:1 Shimano citica

Temp 35of
Water temp- 44of
Clarity- 7ft
Cover – weeds/hard bottom
depth-20+ feet


American Expedition Largemouth Bass License Plate

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American Expedition Wildlife License Plates are actual size, sturdy metal printed plates with embossed graphics. These can be used on the front of a car (in states that only require rear plates), or hung on a wildlife-lover’s wall for decoration.Each license plate measure 11.75″ x 6″
Thick-gauge aluminum with embossed graphics
Full-color graphics printed directly on the metal
Holes sized to allow the plate to be installed on any car or truck
Great gift idea for your outdoor enthusiast friend