1980 Bass Fishing with pork rinds (frogs)

Filmed in the summer of 1980 Fred Trost spent several dog days of summer and learned how to catch Bass using Pork Rind. Bob Musselman product tester for Uncle Josh Bait company provides several tips. Camera credit to Bob Easterbrook.


Bass Fishing Secrets – How to fish for bass – Largemouth bass fishing – smallmouth bass fishing: Pre-Tournament Tactics

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Largemouth bass fishing and tournament bass fishing have been my hobby for a long time. This e-book contains how to fish for bass, pre-tournament tactics used before a bass fishing tournament to help an angler locate the best areas which hold not only good numbers of bass, but also big quality largemouth or smallmouth bass. Strategies that I personally use to prepare for an upcoming bass fishing tournament. I purposely wrote this books to be short and to the point, filled with only useful information that you can refer back to when needed. My nickname is Bassmanjohn and I encourage you to build your library with each and every new e-book that comes out in this series “Bass Fishing Secrets”. Knowledge and time on the water is the best way I know to consistently catch more and Bigger Largemouth Bass!

How to Catch Giant Bass on the Alabama Rig

This video is an in depth review on how to fish Alabama or Umbrella Rigs. I break down which type of jig head and hook you should use in each scenario as well as show tips on swimbait setups. Then we head out to the lake to show you a count down technique I use to get the rig directly over a school of bass. Last but not least….the Bama Rig Double Up!

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BUFF UV Multifunctional Headwear, Largemouth Bass, One Size

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From the company that invented multifunctional headwear, BUFF UV multifunctional headwear delivers all the functionality of the Original multifunctional headwear, then adds built-in-sun protection that blocks up to 95% of UV rays. The COOLMAX PRO fiber wicks moisture and dries fast for comfort on the move and the Polygiene treatment resists odors so you can wear it more and wash it less. The ingenious seamless design minimizes irritation for long-term comfort. Exceptionally adaptable, BUFF UV multifunctional headwear can be worn 12 different ways – from cap to balaclava, neck gaiter to hair tie – for optimal performance and protection, personalized style, and a perfect fit.95% UV protection
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Smallmouth Bass of Marten River-Extreme Angler S13 Eps 08

From Olive the Lake Lodge in Marten River ON fishing with our good friend and lodge owner Bruce MacDonald for the spunky smallmouth bass on isolated grassbeds with the drop shot presentation & Strike King dream shot baits.

Extreme Angler TV is a Canadian HD documentary series. It educates viewers about high-impact fishing and shows techniques of hardcore fishing using fast-paced editing and unique camera angles. It is hosted by Karl Kalonka. It airs on The Sportsman Channel, DirecTV & Dish networks





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Entering Season 14, Extreme Angler Television has taken great pride in creating one of the industries leading brands that entertains, educates and inspires the ‘Next Generation’. A leading communicator in the sport fishing industry, offering marketers “the total audience solution”.

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Extreme Angler TV has become so popular because of its ability to not only target a core viewer, but appeal and entertain the widest audience available from weekend angler to hardcore expert alike by nationally broadcasting quality primetime programming.

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Shakespeare CMFBASS Catch More Fish Bass Spin Combo

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The Shakespeare Catch More Fish Bass Spin Combo features everything aspiring anglers need to get out on the water and start catching fish. Great for first-timers and as well as those with more experience, this set includes a two-piece Shakespeare fishing rod and spinning reel combo for smooth and reliable casting and reeling. The spool is conveniently prefilled with Stren 8-pound monofilament fishing line, with all the tackle you need to hit the lake included in the package. This kit also includes Berkley PowerBait shaky worms and lizards, crankbait, and spinner grubs, so you can try out different baits to see what the bass like best. Delivering quality and convenience at an excellent value, the Shakespeare Catch More Fish Bass Spin Combo is an easy way to equip family and friends with all the tools they need to reel in a big one.Fishing rod and spinning reel combo set includes everything you need to start fishing immediately
Spool is preloaded with Stren 8-pound monofilament fishing line
Includes Berkley PowerBait, shaky worms, lizards, crankbait, and spinner grubs
A great way to affordably outfit aspiring anglers for a day on the water
Designed for freshwater bass fishing
Catch More Fish-Bass Combo includes rod, spinning reel with pre-spooled spool, and complete fishing kit
6-foot, 6-inch medium action tubular glass rod with stainless steel guides, ceramic inserts, and comfortable EVA split grip
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Complete fishing kit with Berkley Powerbait shaky worms and lizards
Features crank bait, bass buster beetle spins, and rigging guide

Catching the Big One DecoSet Cake Decoration

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Reel in a birthday hit with the Catching the Big One DecoSet birthday cake decoration. It includes a big bass fish that can be used after the celebration as a magnet, a dangling lure that connects to a protective barrier, and a forest scene background.Great for Father’s Day or a fish-lover’s birthday party!
Made of food-safe plastic.
Fish measures 4-InchL. Set is approximately 3-Inch Height
Includeds a big bass fish, a dangling lure, a forest scene background, and a clear barrier to protect icing
Bass fish can be used as a magnet after the party.

Bass Fishing a DRAINED LAKE – Rodman Reservoir – SMC Episode 12:13

Exposed Trees and Lake Bottom for miles makes this one of the most interesting places I have ever bass fished. Glenn Browne and I will show you how to approach a lake or river that is in a drought or draw down. Rodman Reservoir is one the top producing lakes in Florida for giant bass. The State has drawn the water down 16′ feet help dry up the bottom witch has made this an awesome place to fishing if you don’t tear up your boat.


River’s Edge Bass Design Gift Bag, Medium/10x13x5-Inch

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At River’s Edge, we take special pride in providing unique items with beautiful and original designs. Our gift bag assortments are no exception. Each medium bag features an exclusive licensed design with a matching card, and measures 10x13x5-Inch; providing enough room for a robe box plus extra. Made of sturdy, high quality paper, this product makes wrapping gifts a simple and fun task sure to delight any fishing or outdoor enthusiast.Medium sized gift bag with Bass design
Measures 10x13x5-Inch
Each Bag has a nylon handle with a matching card
Excellent bargain for year round themed wrapping
Perfect for any Fishing or outdoor enthusiast

Kayak Bass Fishing the Rainbow River with Jessica

Had 2 hours to kayak before sunset and it rained almost the entire time! Caught several bass but Jessica caught the biggest. Impressive that she did it all by herself.


BIG Bass in the Pads! Topwater Frog Fishing for Largemouth Bass

We’re well into Summer and the bass are doing one of two things depending on the body of water. They either go deep or they bury themselves in the heaviest cover they can find. The lake I fish has an abundance of lily pads so that what I target this time of year. And what better to get those big girls to show themselves in the pads than a topwater frog!


Bass Fishing ZOOM Ultravibe Speed Craw

How to catch bass
Zoom Ultra Vibe Speed Craws are a fantastic bait. Big Floppy Claws really move around under water Attracting a lot of attention!
this video was recorded with a gopro hero 3 black edition and a chest strap

the music is from the youtube library: Heavy ; Its_All_Happening


Catching Big Bass On Big Crankbaits!

Chalked up a couple of nice ones out on the lake throwing around the deep diving crankbaits around rocks during this amazing preswpawn bite!
Check out Hunters baits here:


Bass Fishing in Eagle, Idaho

My daughter (Brooke) and I went fishing at my friend David’s pond in Eagle, Idaho. We took the GoPro camera with us and had a fun time. Check it out. Caution: disturbing images of a dead squirrel.

***The first attempt at posting this on YouTube wasn’t very successful so hopefully this one works on mobile devices***


Smallmouth Bass Plastic Fish realistic 2 7/8 inches long – F3437 B89

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Freshwater fish replica warehouse! We have a fine selection of beautiful freshwater fish miniatures available. Great for dioramas and cake decor.Freshwater fish replica warehouse! We have a fine selection of beautiful freshwater fish miniatures available. Great for dioramas and cake decor.
Fun for Everyone
Realistic & Fun!
Perfect for a gift!

Baltimore City largemouth bass fishing with wacky rigged senkos (patterson park-eastside)

Went. Fished. Had fun. Good day. Enjoy the flag and police sirens at the end.


How to Fish the Bass Spawn – Amazing Details about Bass Fishing

When it comes to bass fishing learning how to fish the Spawn can be frustrating but very rewarding. The details in this fishing video are amazing. We cover every aspect of how to catch bass. We talk about the best fishing lures that we use and the areas we look for when the largemouth bass are spawning. We discuss different tips and techniques used and when to use them.
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Kayak Bass Fishing — My Biggest Bass (again)

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Pond Bass Fishing Tips & Tricks

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Topwater Largemouth Bass Fishing at Clear Lake, WA

Couple bass at clear lake first 4 lbs, second almost a pound and a half, and lastly a feisty, ravenous little bass that coughs up a mouse.