How To Catch Bass On Craw Baits–Summer Bass Fishing

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Organization and Order – More Power to You

There it is again – the feeling like things are spinning out of control the moment you open your office door. Total chaos. Stacks of paper piling up on your desk, even on the floor. More stuff stacked up in the corners. The cabinets and drawers are overflowing. And along comes a sense of panic that makes you feel utterly helpless. Anxiety is creeping up on you and you feel completely overwhelmed. These negative sentiments go hand in hand and can become dangerous productivity and creativity killers when not deal with.

Many of my meeting planner friends struggle with this. They are experts in organizing people, but seem to have a hard time organizing their stuff! And they are not alone. One out of four surveyed Americans state that they would like to be more organized. If that's you, there is help coming your way! To conquer clutter and regain control – try organization and order.

To make this winning combination work for you, follow these three basic steps:

* 1. Get rid of everything you do not need Be serious in recycling, giving away, discarding, shredding everything that you do not really need any more or in the first place never really needed …

* 2. Create a place everything that you do need Every type of item should have a place where it lives. That way, when you need it, you know where to find it.

* 3. Always put everything back in its assigned place When you are done using an item, put it back in its assigned place.

Once you have organized your space this way, be tough on clutter flare-ups by applying the exact same three steps. It does require self-discipline, but sticking to this system is a worthwhile investment. With fresh energy flowing, you will feel on top of things again. Effectiveness and efficiency will increase. It will empower you, lift your mood, and may even affect your physical health positively. For an even greater power boost tackle your personal living space also and apply the above basic steps in your home, including kitchen and closets. There too, you can conquer clutter and regain control with organization and order.

Source by Elvira Amankwa

Lake Bistineau LA Bass Fishing Southwest Outdoors Report #9 – 2012 Season

This week’s show ventures into the cajun swamp at Lake Bistineau, Louisiana with guide Homer Humphreys. Plus all of our weekly fishing reports from around the region.


Rick Krane Painting Fish Eyes for Largemouth Bass

Acclaimed fish taxidermy expert Rick Krane of Angler’s Artistry demonstrates his procedures for painting custom artificial eyes for largemouth bass using Jeff Lumsden’s Still Life Lenses from WASCO.


Catching Bass In A Snow Storm On A Chatterbait

Went fishing yesterday on April 14th two days before Easter and a snow storm came through!!! still was able to catch some bass on a Chatterbait with a Keitech trailer..


Topwater Tip #5 For Bass Fishing: How to Fish a Popper

Alex Rudd demonstrates how to fish topwater for summer bass using the BD Series Popper. He breaks it down into rigging, retrieval and location.


Docking a Boat Secrets – How to Undock Your Boat Like a Pro

Imagine that your small cruising boat lies moored between two million dollar yachts, with only 12″ to spare at the bow and stern? You need to undock your boat in a high, gusty wind blowing onto the dock. It’s your call, skipper! Use the same principals for undocking as you would for docking a boat with these secrets from the pros.

Determine the stronger element direction

Decide on which element will be stronger–wind or current. Pick which of these four situations match your situation. Let’s say you are tied up in a marina with a stronger wind than current. Is the wind blowing…

* off the dock?

* onto the dock?

* from ahead of the boat?

* from astern of the boat?

Based on your answer, follow one of these methods to undock your boat:

* Wind (or current) off the dock or from ahead

1. Make up a long spring line equal to 1 1/2 times the total length of your cruising boat. Attach one end of the spring to a cleat on the quarter (aft corner).

2. Lead the bitter end to a forward marina dock cleat or piling. Loop it around the dock fitting, bring it back to boat, and cleat it off to the quarter cleat.

3. Start your engine. Assign one person to use a roving fender at the stern to protect the boat. Place your wheel or sailboat tiller amidships (in the center).

4. Cast off all lines except the forward quarter spring line. Shift the engine clutch astern at idle speed. Keep tension on the quarter spring and watch the bow move away from the dock.

5. Wait for the bow to clear the vessel ahead. Take the engine out of gear just long enough to ease tension on the quarter spring line. Remove the spring from the cleat and pull it aboard fast. As soon as it’s aboard, shift the engine clutch ahead at idle speed to move out into the channel.

* Wind (or current) onto the dock or from astern

1. Make up a long spring line equal to 1 1/2 times the total length of your cruising boat. Attach one end to a boat cleat between the bow and beam.

2. Lead the bitter to an aft dock cleat or piling. Loop it around the dock fitting, bring it back to boat, and cleat it off to the bow spring cleat.

3. Start your engine. Assign one person to use a roving fender at the bow to cushion the boat. Turn your wheel toward the dock. Push a sailboat tiller away from the dock. Keep the rudder in this position throughout the maneuver.

4. Cast off all lines except the bow spring line. Shift the engine clutch ahead at idle speed. Keep tension on the bow spring. Turn so that you can watch the stern move away from the dock.

5. Wait for the stern to clear the vessel astern. Take the engine out of gear just long enough to ease tension on the bow spring. Remove the spring line from the cleat and pull it aboard fast. As soon as it’s aboard, clutch the engine astern at idle speed to back clear of the moored yachts and into the channel.

Success in undocking or docking a boat depends on good preparation, positive boat control, and crystal clear communications. Use these tips and you will be undocking your small cruising boat like a pro in no time!

Source by John N. Jamieson

Lake Sinclair- summertime bass fishing

Short clip of me fishing during the summer on a good offshore bite on Lake Sinclair GA. Please take a second out of your day to LIKE if you enjoyed the video 🙂



2017 Southern Wisconsin summer Largemouth bass fishing with soft plastics and skirted baits. Please Like, Share, and Subscribe! This is our first of many new uploads so stay tuned!!!

Headed out in Southern Wisconsin in search of shallow summer Largemouth Bass in the Nitro Z9. Kalin’s soft plastic baits were key utilizing Rhyno Tackle hard baits and Swagger Tungsten!

Special Thanks to:

Hard & Soft Fishing
Nitro Boats
Bass Pro Shops
Swagger Tungsten
Carrot Stix
Vetesnik Mad City Powersports



Fishing in tough conditions~bass fishing tips

i was catching fish when it was warm
…but now that its cole the bite turned off hope that we can have some nice weather to film some fish catches!!!!!


How to drag tubes for Smallmouth Bass –

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Liz Top Water Bass Fishing with Poppers.

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Liz catching some largemouth bass one early summer morning with a popper.


Smart Girl Make PVC Pipe Deep Hole Fish Trap To Catch A Lot Of Fish

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Plush Toys – Protecting the Copyright, Trademark and Patent

If you have ideas for unique plush toys, it’s just right to do everything to protect them. Plush toys are very profitable and if you don’t cover all bases to protect your ideas, “enterprising” individuals will take advantage of it. They will be doing it “legally” because you didn’t do the things to lawfully protect them. The last thing that a toy inventor would want is to see his cute plush toys displayed somewhere and he’s not the legal owner of it.

There are three things that you can apply for to protect your plush toys ideas – copyright, trademark and patent. So what can you personally do to protect them? Here are the things that you can do to protect your unique plush toys’ copyrights, trademarks and patent:

o Copyrights

Copyrights protect the overall look of your toy. For cuddly plush toys, it protects its “cuteness”. It will shelter the way the face looks, the proportion of the body and the likes. The toys features are probably the most important factor to protect since they are the most obvious and your selling point. Copyrighting is automatic – the moment you put your idea onto paper or even a napkin from the neighborhood deli, it is legally protected under copyright. However, it’s better if you can document it so that it will be easier to enforce. How do you document it? A lot of people believe that mailing yourself a copy of your idea via snail mail is the way to go. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. The best way to protect your plush toy ideas is to keep a note of all the relevant information that proves you as the owner of the idea. A notebook would do. Just take note of all your ideas and when you thought of them. You can add additional information about how you thought of the idea and where you thought of them. To further enforce it, keep notes of all witnesses. Just like in any legal proceedings, witnesses can win your “case” for you.

o Trademarks

Trademarks protect your toys’ names and logos. Basically, your toys’ branding is protected. Your unique stuffed doll should have distinctive names so you can do things to protect them. An example of a trademark is the name Barbie. No one can use Barbie for a name because you will be violating its trademarks. This is a little expensive and not all toys should be covered by it. The best way is to ask for legal advice from a lawyer to see if it makes sense to apply for trademarks in your own case.

o Patent

This is the most expensive among the three. Aside from being expensive, this is also the hardest to get. As an inventor of cute plush toys, it’s good to know that you probably won’t need them. But like trademarks, it’s best to ask for legal advice from a lawyer.

So check to see what applies to your stuffed dolls to know how you can protect them. It will be one of the best things you’ve ever done as a toy inventor.

Source by Rob E Bishop

Inside The Outdoors – Sturgeon and smallmouth bass fishing on the Snake River

Sturgeon and smallmouth bass fishing on the Snake River in Idaho’s Hells Canyon with Adam Hocking of Steel Dreams Guide Service.