Bass Fishing – San Jose, CA Urban Creek

Went out again and caught a handful of fish. Best one was 1+ lbs. Fish were easily spooked so I had to be as stealth as possible. Planning to get some camo soon.


Largemouth Bass Hitting Shad

A school of bass hitting shad around our canoe. The first two fish filmed were in the 6 pound range. The last fish that boild was 4 lbs.


Catching Big Fish In Hidden Mud Hole

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Stud in the mud! What a killer way to begin another sick trip to one of my favorite places.
–Young Plugg

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A quick look at how I find and catch deep summer time Bass on Dale Hollow Lake.
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Learn to attack any body of water using seasonal bass fishing techniques in Part 2A of the INTERMEDIATE Guide to Bass Fishing.

We discuss common movement patterns, the factors that contribute to certain behavior, and some good baits to catch largemouth bass on in each of the SIX seasons of bass fishing.

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Audio: Audio-Technica ATR3350 lavalier
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Bass Fishing Tip: Target Summer Weedlines

ScoutLook Pro Contributor Glenn Walker explains and proves how summer bass fishing can be extremely productive by targeting weedlines.

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Largemouth Bass on Beds “Angler’s Xperience Episode 3”

In this episode of the Angler’s Xperience, Seth Burrill teaches you some of the tricks he uses to catch bed guarding bass.


Diabetic Food List – Foods a Diabetic Can Eat

If you or those you love are affected by diabetes, healthy foods are so vital in sustaining your sugar level. Yes, it is true that you will need enormous self-control to comply with what a Registered Dietitian instructed you to eat but in the event you want a healthy living and quality life, sticking with diabetic food list is a must.

What’s the recommended daily food percentage?

Carbohydrates – about 50% to 60%

Carbs are divided into the simplest forms of sugar and glycemic index throughout the digestive procedure. If glycemic index turned out to be high this will cause blood sugar degree to rise quickly and will develop insulin resistant, diabetes and hypertension.

Checklist of Carbs Food Diabetic Can Eat

– Wheat bran, Barley, oats porridge.

– Fruits – apple, berries, citrus, pears, peaches, rubard, and plum.

– Vegetables – avocados, broccoli, beans, cauliflower, cabbage, carrots, cucumber, celery, lettuce, onions, mushrooms, peas, olives, pepper, tomatoes and spinach.

Checklist of Carbs Food Diabetic Should Avoid.

– Breakfast cereals -such as sugar coated cereals and cornflakes, white bread, biscuits, cakes, bagels, pancakes, doughnuts, bun muffins, white and brown rice.

– Fruit – Prunes, dates, watermelon.

– Vegetables – potatoes, broad beans, parsnip, Swede

Protein – about 12% to 20%

Protein is made up of compounds known as amino acids, the building blocks of all body tissue.

List of protein food that diabetic can eat

– Vegetables – millet, beans, lentils, soybeans

– Nuts – pine nuts, peanuts and Brazil

– Free range chicken and turkey (skin to be removed)

– Non-intensively reared – beef lamb, pork and veal

– Chicken eggs (NOT goose and duck eggs)

Fat – If you are diabetic, type of fat is important to control cholesterol level.

Fatty food that diabetic can eat

– Vegetables oils – sesame, pure olive, sunflower, soybean, Avocados

– Oily Fish – Tuna, salmon, mackerel, herrings

– Nuts and seed

– Spreadable Unsaturated Margarine

Fatty food list that you can consume sparingly

– Whole fat milk but skimmed milk is preferable

– Butter, cheese, cream, full fat yoghurt, frozen goodies

– Meat – pork and beef lamb

– Poultry – battery-framed chicken, goose, duck and turkey

– Eggs – particularly from battery farmed chickens

– Coconut oil.

Fatty food diabetic ought to avoid

– All processed foods like scotch eggs, sausage pies, and the likes

– Commercial foods that are fried like crisps, chips and battered fish

– Margarine especially the tough one

– Ready-made commercial foods such as biscuits, cakes and snack foods.

Fiber Our bodies cannot absorb a few of the food we eat if dietary fiber is absent in our system. Diabetic should also improve their intake of fiber rich foods. Fiber is a great defense from intestines disorders as well as colon cancer as well as for better bowel function. It’s usually recommended to have five portions of fiber-rich fruit and veggies a day.

Fiber food diebetic ought to eat

– Oats, oat bran, oatmeal, peas, fruit and beans barley

Diabetic food list can eat and by no means exhaustive. They are here to help you to decide what and just how much you can consume to manage your diabetes condition.

Source by Maria Salud Sapayan

Bass fishing – Lure vs bait

Lures and short rods provide great sport for catching bass when the conditions are right but will they pay off in coloured water? Alan Stewart and Fishyrob engage in a Lure vs. Bait face-off on a balmy November day in Brighton. See more videos like this at



“The R/C Fishing Pole”- Catch’s fish with any r/c boat!

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River Fishing – Catch Big Bass in Current

Want to catch big bass when river fishing, or around current in your lake? Want to locate bass hideouts in moving water? This video will help you find current breaks, seams, eddies and back current that hold fish. Watch this bass fishing video and nearly 300 more, FREE for 30 days for a limited time at

The Bass University TV instructor is talking about the importance of current when bass fishing, how it activates the fish, moves baitfish and creates opportunities for anglers to catch them. The moving water will cause them to school or group up, making them easier to locate and catch. Pete Gluszek will help you read the current and find the areas where predatory fish will setup and look for baitfish and other food to travel by.


How To Catch Fish In 100 Degree Weather!! (Summer edition)

In this video I show you how to catch fish in the heat of summer! If you want to see more videos like this make sure to hit that like button! New? Subscribe and help me reach 100K Subscribers!!

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18″ Bass Fish Happy Birthday Fishing Party Balloon Mylar Dad Fisherman

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Design: A bass that seems to be jumping out of the water with “Happy Birthday” message. Balloon is double sided

43cmバス釣り 阿武隈川 福島 Smallmouth Bass fishing Abukuma River Japan 2015Jul13 ตกปลา แบส ญี่ปุ่น

Tackle data
Rod: Shimano Bass One R
Reel: Shimano Bass One XT
Line : Sunline fluorocarbon 8lb
Lure : Megabass HAZEDONG SHAD 4″
Leader 30 cm


Smallmouth Bass on a GY Senko – Toronto Bass Fishing


I was told to let my senko drop all the way to the bottom and just wait… the wait led to my biggest smallie 🙂


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Fishing for Largemouth Bass filmed with GoPro Hero2 #5

Here is the fifth of a series of Largemouth bass caught on a private pond. Most are filmed with the GoPro Hero2 camera with the headstrap or chest mount.


Big Bite Baits Swimming Craw Lures-Pack of 6 (Green Pumpkin)

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Big Bite’s Swimming Craw works best on the back of a jig or trailered on a spinner bait. Solid swimming action attracts attention.Drop shot it and watch it stand up-ready to “fight”
Big Flappy “claws” attract attention
Good as a trailer or on a jig head.
Partner it on a jig, or as a trailer to your spinner bait
Big Bite Baits is one of the USA’s largest soft plastics manufacturers

Bass Fishing Tips– Plastic Worm Basics

How to fish a plastic worm correctly! Any questions or comments please goo ahead!! Subscribe for more great videos and check out my recent vids 😀

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Duckweed Control And Restoration Of Your Beautiful Pond

Duckweed control is perhaps the most onerous task that one has to undertake, irrespective of whether you like it or not. It’s imperative that you maintain a fine balance between the plant and animal in your pond, and if one overpowers the other the ecology will get disturbed and there will be commotion inside the pond.

How to Identify Duckweed

Duckweeds are miniature green plants that floats atop the pond, lakes, or in still water. These can be easily identified with very little leaves (around 1-3) and a quarter of an inch in total, and usually consists of only 1 to 3 leaves. Each little plant has its own short roots coming from the bottom.

Even during the winters, they remain green and continue to float, though majority of them die out. During summers, duckweed accumulate in abundance and form bed like or string like formation and float on the top of the still water.

Is It a Bad Plant?

A lot of people by its sheer ugly look form an opinion of it as a bad plant and there have been debates if it’s good to completely remove it from the pond or keep it in minimal quantity. Experts feel that it’s good to completely eradicate rather than in bounty. The main thing with duckweed is that every single plant have the capacity to reproduce a new plant within next 24 hours, provided the environment is conducive.

When duckweed covers your entire pond, it obstructs sunlight entering the pond and the aquatic flora and fauna can’t get enough of it which is imperative for their survival.

As a result, all water-dwelling plants die and in due course it becomes fatal for other plants and animals to survive inside the pond. This will lead to formation of newer duckweeds as they consume nutrients like phosphorus and nitrogen from the dead organic matter present at the bottom of the lake.

On the other hand, if the duckweed is present in smaller quantities, it will bolster much better ecosystem which is beneficial for both fish and plants. The sight of duckweed in small numbers floating around the lotus or water lilies even look beautiful just remember that is an indication that it may soon be covering the entire pond.

Hence, a lot of people long to get duckweeds inside their pond. As a matter of fact, many pond owners have shown interest and take counselling as how to grow duckweed. Also, to control its growth, many pond owners introduce koi fish and grass carp which will limit their growth.

To sum up, its ideal that you hire a professional agency such as Aquacide Co. who can help guide you in your pond maintenance from time-to-time. These individuals offer expert advice and can recommend treatment or maintenance procedures and when to use products such as Fluridone to completely eradicate it.

Source by Peter Van Smith

Beginner’s Guide to BASS FISHING – Part 4 – Line and Spooling

An introduction to everything you need to know about fishing line, as well as how to spool it up on a reel are discussed in Part 4 of the Beginner’s Guide to Bass Fishing from

Part 1 – Introduction –
Part 2 – The Bass –
Part 3 – Rods and Reels –
Part 4 – Line and Spooling
Part 5 – Baits and Tackle –
Part 6 – Rigging and Knots –
Part 7 – Where to Fish –
Part 8 – Casting –
Part 9 – Retrieve –
Part 10 – Fighting the Fish –

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