Beginner’s Guide to BASS FISHING – Part 4 – Line and Spooling

An introduction to everything you need to know about fishing line, as well as how to spool it up on a reel are discussed in Part 4 of the Beginner’s Guide to Bass Fishing from

Part 1 – Introduction –
Part 2 – The Bass –
Part 3 – Rods and Reels –
Part 4 – Line and Spooling
Part 5 – Baits and Tackle –
Part 6 – Rigging and Knots –
Part 7 – Where to Fish –
Part 8 – Casting –
Part 9 – Retrieve –
Part 10 – Fighting the Fish –

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The Longest Life Span of Animals – Sea Turtles

Sea turtles appeared on earth more than 200 million years ago, it is the famous "living fossil." According to the record of "Guinness Book of World Records", it has the longest lifespan of up to 152 years. It is worthy of the old god of longevity in animals. As sea turtles have the longest life span, so coastal people regard them as a long-lived mascot, just like mainland people regard Songhe as a symbol of longevity, coastal people also regard sea turtle as a symbol of longevity. There are eight kinds of sea turtles in the sea, which which four produced in China, mainly in Shangdong, Fujian, Taiwan, Hainan, Zhejiang and Guangdong province in China. The largest number of turtles in China is green sea turtles.

Sea turtles often have activities in the upper level of their regular migratory routes along the coastal waters. They become mature at 20-30 years old. When the breeding season comes, they return to their "homeland". No matter how remote it is, they can also find their own birthplace, and lay eggs there. It is likely that they can not breed lifelong if their birthplace is damaged.

The largest number of nesting is up to 200 or so, the minimum is also more than 90. The number of eggs is more, but the incubation survival rate is very low. When the small turtles hatched, first of all, they must climbed out of the sand themselves, and then hurriedly toward the ocean. It is full with danger when the small turtles go from the sand to the beach, some natural enemies regarding these young lives as a delicacy. To successfully reach the sea is only part of the young turtles, these survivors will grow and develop in the sea, passing a new cycle of reproduction.

It is a very interesting question, "how do the sea turtles maintain the gender balance." Sea turtles mainly live in the sea, they can not only breathe with lungs, but also can take full advantage of some of the special organs to obtain oxygen directly from seawater. They are fully adapted to the marine environment. Sea turtles are large, and have large volume of activities, their appetite is much greater than the tortoise. They eat a lot of fish, fish eggs, shrimp, crustaceans and mollusks and algae every day.

Their teeth are hard and strong, they can easily bit the shell of mollusk. From the habits of the turtles, the secret of their longevity is nothing more than a big appetite, slow activity and a hard outer shell to protect.
Sea turtles are a treasure, the delicious meat and rich nutrient can not only make our own be able to longevity, but also a very high nutritional value of supplement, people who eat can make them live longer. Just as these, more and more turtles are killed by people.

Source by Dana Scott

Topwater Fishing Tip #4: How To Fish Walking Baits

Aaron Lesieur, AaronLesieurOutdoors, bass tip #4 on fishing topwater. In this video he shows rigging, retrieval, and location on how to fish walking baits using the new Jenko 110 Flea Bag.

Aaron Lesieur Outdoors:

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Dr.Fish Bait Wiggle Shad Soft Plastic Fishing Lure Smallmouth Bass Perch 3″ Blue (pack of 6)

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aits succeed the high quality manufactured and stunning painting work as Dr.Fish always boast for. This tiny shad is designed with a 3″ profile, features a lifelike baitfish body with high quality made, targeting a wide range of finicky species like bass, trout, perch, trophy rock fish…Extremely realistic lifelike lure. Highly detail color painting with holographic flash inserts and 3D eyes.
Supple body with round head, wiggle paddle tail, salt and scent Impregnated.
Work great for drop shotting. Also ideal for weightless, weedless rig. Even the easiest rig will make it a bass magnets.
Length: 3″/75mm; It is the perfect meal size for bass and other general freshwater species and rock fish.
Material: High Quality Silicone.Pack of 6.

How to Bass Fishing, Bass Fishing Virginia

A look at the past weeks great weather and great fishing for Largemouth Bass in Northern Virginia. Shot with Gopro Hero sport cameras.


Freshy Galactomyces Essences Water. (30 ml./ pack)

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Freshy Galactomyces Essences Water. (30 ml./ pack)
Effect of natural fermentation getting into the skin, awakening with whitening skin power essence is made up of fermented component with a structure similar to skin, achieving dual functions of whitening and antiwrinkle at once as dual function fermented essence.To help heal the wounds caused by the inflammation of acne effectively.
How to Use : After facial wash, Dispense an appropriate amount onto a cotton ball, apply it to the face, and gently pat to enhance absorption. Use 2 times a day (day and night.).
Caution: If skin irritation or any inflammation occurs, please stop using and consult a physician. Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
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Bass Fishing at Cochiti Lake New Mexico

Went to Cochiti Lake which is about 40min NE of Albuquerque off of I25…caught some good fish before the winds picked up…Had a blast can’t wait to go back


Do not Be a Cheap Freelance Writer!

Do you sell your writing for practically nothing? Do you respond to online "freelance banks" that promise the astonishing payment of $ 25 for a 500-word article, $ 100 for a print brochure or 59 cents per word?

Immediately stop selling yourself so cheap! If you have any writing talent at all, you deserve much, much more than many of those freelance-writing sites can offer.

It may seem tempting to take on these cheap jobs. You may think a little money is better than no money at all. But the time you spend writing a cheap article or ezine could be much better away looking for better paying jobs. They really are out there.

Do you really want to spend four hours writing an article that will bring you only $ 50? Your hourly rate would be a dismal $ 12.50. Even if you managed to work like that for 40 hours a week, which is extremely unilaterally, your annual revenue would be $ 25,000 at the most, assuming you took a two-week vacation.

How well can you live on $ 25,000? As a freelance writer, will you be able to pay your own health insurance (which may be $ 500 or more per month)? Will you have enough money to promote your business and bring in high-paying clients? Will you ever save for retirement or your children's college educations or your dream home? Will you ever pay off your debt? It's much less likely that you can do any of these things if you continue to be a cheap writer.

The Internet is loaded with dozens of sites promoting you all sorts of freelance work once you register (often for a fee). Many of these sites, although certainly not all, exploit young, inexperienced or desperate writers. Worst of all, they make it very difficult for good, decent, talented writers to make a comfortable living at their craft. Why should a client pay savvy Writer A $ 800 for a website article when Cheap Writer B will do it for $ 30?

Here's a typical scenario: Someone needs something written and heads for the Internet. They post their job on these cheapo sites and wait for the lowest possible bidders. These whippersnappers who think they can make good money cranking out $ 30 articles or $ 100 brochures shut out the experienced writers -the ones who know what their services are worth -. The truth is, you will never, ever be a prosperous writer if you accept low rates. In fact, you probably will be a miserable writer who will not last long as a freelancer.

As long as the world is filled with cheap writers, it's much harder for the rest of us to prosper. So I am imploring cheap writers to increase their prices. You will be pleasantly surprised when most clients will not balk at higher fees. You may find you get higher paying work because people perceive that you offer greater value when you change more.

"Will not I lose a lot of clients if I raise my fees?" Yes, that's possible. But without cheap clients in your way, you are freer to find and cultivate relationships with larger fish-communications managers in large companies, creative managers at medium- and large-size ad agencies, companies that need to revamp their written communications so they can be More visible, accessible and prosperous. Imagine all you can do for them!

Many writers who want to prosper will be more than happy to help you price your services in line with the going rates, your value to your clients, and the benefits your writing can bring. You really do have negotiating power – a skill that can be learned. And remember, you have something the client wants: expert writing. The art of negotiating can be taught, and it's really worth a little coaching to make sure you are paid what you are worth.

Bottom line: If a writer is willing to receive $ 25 or $ 50 or $ 100 for a 500-word article, that writer is not professional and has no idea how to be a successful freelance writer. Many clients will know you are green and will take advantage of your cheap prices. A cheap writer can not be a prosperous writer without a complete shift in thinking and acting.

Protect your rights as a writer. Talk to people who know about these things. And above all, do not cheapen yourself and other professional writers by accepting writing assignments that pay a pittance. It hurts all of us, it hurts the profession and it hurts you.

For a reasonable estimate of writing, editing and related fees, click on this link: Writer's Market 2008. You may charge more than the fees in this book if you have an extensive experience in or knowledge of the industry. Also, some geographical areas more easily accept higher fees. In a later article I will talk about how to negotiate the best price for a freelance writing assignment.

In the meantime, give yourself a much-deserved raise in 2008! You may find yourself getting more high-quality clients!

Source by Kathleen Poole

American Expedition Largemouth Bass Salt and Pepper Shakers

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These American Expedition salt and pepper shakers sets feature full color illustrated decals which are fired onto the front of each crystal clear high-quality glass with inspirational quotes on the backside. Each stainless steel screw-on lid has holes configured in the shape of either an “S” or a “P”.Set of two shakers – Each measures 3.75″ x 1.5″
Glass body with stainless steel lid
Each shaker has an inspirational quote on the back
Perfect conversation starter around the dinner table
Set comes packaged in a full-color gift box

How To CATCH Bass In Subdivision Ponds!!

I Head down to some Subdivision ponds and absolutely slay with a top water Fluke! If you want to see more videos like this make sure to hit that like button! New? Subscribe and help me reach 15K Subscribers!!

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Fishing Rods Used:
Baitcaster: Lews Pro Mag

Camera Equipment used:
GoPro hero 3
GoPro Hero 3+
Movo External Mic

Big Shiny Camera:
Canon 80D
Rode Pro Mic


Bass Fishing Tips, Bass fishing with jigs: How to catch bass on jigs year round

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Many pro bass fishermen agree


You can ask tournament fisherman who fish for bass, from North to South and East to West, and they will tell you that you can and will catch bigger bass overall with Jigs than you will fishing with worms. You may not catch as many, but they will be bigger.


Why use Jigs?


Fishing jigs for bass is a finesse type of fishing, it requires more concentration and fishing slower. Many weekend Bass fisherman use their trolling motor and move around the shoreline casting spinner baits at the shore and reeling them back to the boat.


This technique will catch fish, but you can catch a lot more by changing up a few techniques and learning to fish a jig in the right places. It’s not fast fishing, you have to slow down, and you can’t cover as much water, but isn’t the point to catch more fish?


This book is like my other fishing books, for you to read before you go out on the lake, so you will have the best tips and techniques fresh in your mind when you hit the lake. Trying these tips and techniques will make you a better fisherman, and you will catch more bass.


 Do you want to catch more Bass?


Of coarse you do, that is why you are out fishing. If catching more bass is what you are looking for.One great example is fishing boat docks for bass, If you don’t fish docks with jigs, you are missing out on a lot of fish, because of a simple thing you are not doing when you fish docks. Throwing a jig around docks after you fish it with a spinner, will catch fish you did’t catch without the jig.



Get this book today and Be a better Bass fishermen


Lightning Storm Bass Fishing!

A full day of on and off lightning storms wasnt going to stop me! I set out to do some topwater fishing but the fish were just not having that. So i caught some bait and got a few decent fish! HOPE YOU ALL ENJOYED THIS VIDEO DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE!


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Largemouth Bass: Tournament-Tested Patterns for Catching Big Bass in Lakes, Rivers, and Resevoirs (The Freshwater Angler)

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Features tips from today’s most successful bass pros.
— Amazing photography of largemouth bass in their natural habitat.

Largemouth Bass: Tournament-Tested Patterns for Catching Big Bass in Lakes, Rivers, and Resevoirs (The Freshwater Angler)

Big Smallmouth Bass in the Thousand Islands (filmed with a Gopro Hero 2)

Snorkeling with several good sized Smallmouth Bass in the St. Lawrence River/Thousand Islands filmed with a Gopro Hero 2.


Post Spawn NJ Largemouth Bass in a Retention Pond

I took the GoPro out to a small retention pond in New Jersey and caught four solid largemouths in about an hour of fishing during the mid-morning.

**I cursed a time or two so if that offends you than this is your warning**


Yamamoto 9-10-900 Senko

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When Gary Yamamoto designed the Senko in the early 90’s, he had no idea he was changing the future of fishing. There’s a Senko in the lineup for every possible application and for every angler, from the first-timer to the tour-level pro. Whether you fish it weightless, wacky-style, Texas-rigged, on a Carolina rig, or on a shakey head or flipping jig, this simple slab of plastic will revolutionize your game and increase your catches.Simple yet effective
The fall rate created from the large amount of salt impregnated in the body drives fish mad.
Available in several proven colors.
Quantity of 10

Bass Fishing + Big Bass on Frog (6+ lbs)

Early morning bass fishing on an overcast day.
Huge bass at 2:48