Lake Washington Post spawn bass fishing

Here the top 5 between me and Jim.

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Hook ’em Hard – Ditch Pickler


Bass Fishing Tips and Techniques – The BEST colors to use and when to use them.

In this video I go over the colors of bass fishing baits I use when I am using plastic baits. The main things I focus on when choosing the color of my bass fishing baits is the water clarity and if the sun is out or not.

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Yoga’s Supine Poses Revealed

The word supine means “lying on the back”, and there are a number of yoga poses that are practiced while lying flat on the back and facing upwards. The supine postures are a normal part of all types of yoga, whether it is Ashtanga, Bikram, Hatha, Kriya or Sivanada yoga session. The Basic Supine Postures that are done while lying flat on the back include:

Leg Pulls: They are used as preliminary postures that relax the body. They also relieve stretched hamstrings and strengthen the legs.

Leg Raises: These include single and double leg raises, and are mostly performed as beginning postures in order to prepare the body for more difficult asanas to follow. It is great for relaxing the back and strengthening the legs and hips.

Wind Relieving Pose: Acts as a relaxer and also improves the working of the digestive organs. It is recommended for people suffering from indigestion and flatulence.

In addition, there are a number of variations of the supine postures, which include Supine Backbends such as:

Bridge Pose: This posture is very beneficial in building and improving the core strength of the body. It energizes the body and is very helpful in stimulating the endocrine and nervous systems.

Fish Pose: A great way to stimulate the respiratory, nervous and cardiovascular systems, this pose opens the chest and stretches the spine too. People suffering from back and neck injury should not practice the fish pose.

One Legged Bridge: An advanced asana; it is an excellent resource for soothing the brain and relieving stress. It stimulates the abdominal organs as well as stretches the neck, chest and back.

Supine Twists like:

Belly Twist: This posture strengthens the abdominal muscles along with stretching the back muscles and lengthens the spine. Due to this reason, it is also known as the Spinal Twist.

Knee down Twist: This twist stretches and strengthens the back muscles and rejuvenates the spinal discs.

And Supine Hip Openers:

Joyful Baby Pose: One of the basic hip opening postures, it also strengthens the legs and relieves lower back pain along with lengthening and realigning the spine.

Supine Bound Angle: A simple posture for opening the hips and the shoulders, also allows time to practice breathing techniques for relaxation.

Supine Pigeon: Mostly used as a warm up asana for a yoga class, it is very useful for strengthening the back and enhances flexibility of the hips.

Extended Supine Hand to Toe: A variation of the normal hand to toe asana, it is helpful in making the hips and groin more flexible. This pose is more suitable for advanced yogis as it requires extending the leg at a right angle to the hips.

Other advanced supine asanas include the leg to side yoga pose, leg reclining lunges, half shoulder stand, plow pose and upward bow pose. The basic postures are the most easy and undemanding to do; they are suitable for all yoga levels from beginners to advance. As the poses get more complex and hard to attain, it is important to practice only those supine poses that are within your health and physical fitness boundaries. Overdoing your yoga routine can even be harmful in particular for those that suffer from various ailments or health problems. So it is extremely important to use caution and listen to the demands of your body while practicing yoga.

Source by Amna Babar

Bass fishing Seward Alaska

Fishing out of Seward Alaska for Black bass. Awesome day on the water with the guys. Lost of fish, porpoises, and a whale breaching at the end if you look close.


Top 5 lakes in Snohomish county to catch Trophy Bass

In this episode i cover the best places in Snohomish county Wa. Top 5 lakes to catch big bass.

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Hook em Hard -Ditch


Spinnerbait Tips For Bass Fishing

JP talks about different types of spinnerbaits, why they should be part of your bass fishing arsenal and how to use them to your advantage. For more videos from Getting School’s with JP DeRose, go to:


Summer Bass Fishing With Jigs Frogs & Senkos

My buddy and I fished together in hopes of catching some big bass. However, this was in the dead middle of summer and the bite was steady but the size just wasn’t there.

My buddy mainly fished a topwater frog and a jig. I mostly fished with a wacky rig and a drop shot. However I tried throwing everything from a punch rig to a big swimbait to various topwater baits. The biggest fish of the day were probably only about 1.5 lbs and I didn’t get too much footage since we fished nearly all day.

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Pocket Fisherman Review & Bass Catch

This little $20 rod/reel combo has been around for 40+ years! For the price, it is awesome! I tested it and review it in this video, and even caught a bass in 20 minutes with their included lure! For normal fishing a regular long pole is probably best; however, for keeping in your car, bug out bag, or random fishing trips, this thing is amazing!


Stages of Play

Children go through different stages of play as they grow and develop. Very young infants only have the ability to attend to one object at a time. Once an object is out of their sight, it is quickly forgotten. Infants play by themselves because they are so busy exploring and discovering their new world. Every new object or situation that is introduced is a new learning experience for the newborn. This very first stage of play is called “Solitary Play” or independent play. They are fully engaged in gathering information and storing it for further use. This stage of play lasts until some where around nine months. This is a very self centered time for the developing infant.

The second stage of play begins to ripen in slightly older children usually by the time a child is two years of age. “Parallel Play” is typical of this age child. This kind of play involves two or more children in the same room. They are interested in the same toys and both see the toy as belonging to them. Hence they maybe in the same area and play with similar toys, but they do not play together. They are playing along side each other simply because they are in the same area.

When children extend their knowledge and play experiences they move into “Associative Play”. In this stage, three and four year old children begin playing together but it is a loosely organized fashion. The more mature child soon emerges as the leader or organizer in this stage of play. They see themselves as capable and able to tell others what to do, the younger child seldom questions this authority that the more mature child has cultivated.

Finally the child expands into “Cooperative Play” somewhere between the ages of four or five. Cooperative play takes place between two or more children as they grow and develop socially and emotionally. In cooperative play, children exchange ideas about the game or the toy they are playing with at that moment in time. Rules tend to still be very loosely constructed, but children know who is playing which role in their game. Play may last only a few minutes or it may stretch out for longer periods of time. Gradually they learn to respect the property rights of others. This is a clue that they are gaining social skills; at this same time they begin to understand that they need permission to play with certain materials and certain people. They are also more willing to share their toys for the sake of the game. Communication about the play is the critical point of cooperative play.

It is important to note that children differ widely according to birth order within their own families. Boys and girls develop in different areas at different stages of their life, so there is never complete adherence to any of these exact ages. Not all children move through the stages at the same rate, because children who have more life experiences tend to emerge as leaders or organizers at younger ages. Confidence, shyness, and other personality traits factor into these stages of play.

Source by Viola Ramseyer

How To Throw a Cast Net To Catch Bait In The Surf

A little video on how to throw a cast net to catch bait in the surf. I’m using the little 3.5ft because I think it’s the best cast net for the surf. If you can catch your own, then you’ll tap into a endless supply of the best fresh bait in your area. Keep it fresh, keep it local. Below is a link to the cast net that I use.

Bett’s Tyzac Cast Net

Tight Lines Everyone!

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Lake Fork Bass Fishing: Living the Dream

Just another day where I was fortunate enough to spend a day on the water and catch a few nice bass. Thanks for watching.

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Topwater Blowups Series 4: Spook Edition. Balsa Bull Bass Fishing.

Lure: Balsa Bull
Rod: 7′ St. Croix Avid
Reel: Lews Team Pro
Line: Stren 17 lb. mono

One of bass fishings all time best topwater lures is the spook. I have fished several different types before and the Balsa Bull is among the all time greats. It has great action and is easy to walk, even for beginners.

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Nitro boat vs whiney girlfriend

There’s nothing like a nice day fishing on the lake with your girlfriend. Nitro makes it possible with new options for 2011. Fishing will never be the same. Copyright 2010


Lake Okeechobee 2nd Place & Big Bass

Big Bass was Caught on a skirted bruiser baits crazy craw paired with a flat out tungsten. Get yours from the links below!!!

Music: Bassjackers vs Skytech Fafaq – Pillowfight


Flipping for Big Bass on the Border

Fellow Guide and FLW Tour Pro Tom and I head to the border for some an intense flipping bite in the backs of creeks. We used heavy action Dobyns rods with braided line and T-rigged LFT Craw Tubes.

Baits we used

Rods we used