Topwater Frog Fishing For Largemouth Bass.wmv

Frog Fishing for Largemouth Bass with LiveTarget Frogs on the Rideau River, located in Eastern Ontario.

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American Expedition Largemouth Bass Back Porch Thermometer

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The Three-Dimensional Tin “Back Porch Thermometers” are an exciting and unique presentation for the popular tin thermometer category. Each Back Porch Thermometer measure 4″ x 11 3/4″, making it the perfect size to hang on a porch post or railing. The details in the illustrations and text are artfully embossed into the tin, giving the thermometer a dynamic three-dimensional finish.Fahrenheit and Celsius increments
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Bass Fishing After a Heavy Rain

Here is a short one about how to catch bass after a rain.
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Great Smallmouth Bass Fishing on Indian Pond – Maine

Fishing for small mouth bass on Indian pond near moosehead lake in Sept of 2011. Me and double J. Lots of fish and a couple in the 3-3.5 lb range.


Largemouth Bass In Shallow Cover

Steve Quinn and Dan Craven spend the day catching largemouth bass in dense shallow cover using Eagle Claw Trokar hooks.


Fheaven 4Pcs Fishing Lures Kinds of Minnow Fish Bass Tackle Hooks Baits Crankbaits

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Weight: 56g
Hook: 6# hook
Package: OPP
material: plastic
Swimming Depth:0.3-1.5m

Package Content:
4pc bait3D eye make it ideal tool for fishing lovers
Excellent visual effect lure fish
Colorful body can make it easy to catch fish
Life and fast action in water
Color: 4 colors

I Got The Pole And She Has The Bobbers Fishing Sign

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This high quality sign by iCandy Print is perfect for your home, office, cubical, man cave, garage, etc. Textures are high quality print. Printed with high quality UV ink, will not fade or peel in the weather. Great sign to be hung anywhere!Fishing Home Decor Sign
Commercial Grade Plastic & Tape
Printed With UV Ink
Comes with Double Sided Commercial Grade Tape
7.5 x 10.5 Inches

Cranking up Big Bass in a Kayak


This is fishing crank baits for big bass when they start to move offshore and feed after the spawn. I’ve been wanting to do this out of a Kayak for years and finally got the opportunity. It shows there isn’t a whole lot you can’t do in a kayak, just takes longer to get around and find the fish.

Kayak – Hobie Pro Angler 12
Graph – Little Lawrance color graph with no GPS, don’t need a big graph to find em…
Crankbait – Strike King Series 5 in Sexy Shad
Rod – Shimano Zodias 7′ MH, Needed the Glass cranking rod but I was limited on rods in the kayak
Reel – Shimano Casitas 150
Line – 14lb Parallelium Fluorohybrid

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Bass fishing tip – Crankbait

Tom Venesky and George Bowers discuss crankbaits and rattle traps in this week’s fishing tip. For more, visit or .


Cordell Big O Triple Threat

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One of the most-successful smallmouth and largemouth bass crankbaits in history in the three most-effective color patterns The Cotton Cordell Big O is know as one of fishing’s most-copied lures, but no other bait captures that shimmy and produces so many violent strikes. Equally effective in lakes and streams, the Big O truly is one of fishing’s most legendary lures.Highly effective crankbait for both large and smallmouth
Top selling color patterns
Shorter lip deflects off cover
True running dependability
Proven performer and timeless design

Bass Fishing – San Jose, CA Urban Creek

Went out again and caught a handful of fish. Best one was 1+ lbs. Fish were easily spooked so I had to be as stealth as possible. Planning to get some camo soon.


Largemouth Bass Hitting Shad

A school of bass hitting shad around our canoe. The first two fish filmed were in the 6 pound range. The last fish that boild was 4 lbs.


Catching Big Fish In Hidden Mud Hole

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A quick look at how I find and catch deep summer time Bass on Dale Hollow Lake.
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Learn to attack any body of water using seasonal bass fishing techniques in Part 2A of the INTERMEDIATE Guide to Bass Fishing.

We discuss common movement patterns, the factors that contribute to certain behavior, and some good baits to catch largemouth bass on in each of the SIX seasons of bass fishing.

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Macro Chill – Hypnotic Piano


Bass Fishing Tip: Target Summer Weedlines

ScoutLook Pro Contributor Glenn Walker explains and proves how summer bass fishing can be extremely productive by targeting weedlines.

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Largemouth Bass on Beds “Angler’s Xperience Episode 3”

In this episode of the Angler’s Xperience, Seth Burrill teaches you some of the tricks he uses to catch bed guarding bass.


Diabetic Food List – Foods a Diabetic Can Eat

If you or those you love are affected by diabetes, healthy foods are so vital in sustaining your sugar level. Yes, it is true that you will need enormous self-control to comply with what a Registered Dietitian instructed you to eat but in the event you want a healthy living and quality life, sticking with diabetic food list is a must.

What’s the recommended daily food percentage?

Carbohydrates – about 50% to 60%

Carbs are divided into the simplest forms of sugar and glycemic index throughout the digestive procedure. If glycemic index turned out to be high this will cause blood sugar degree to rise quickly and will develop insulin resistant, diabetes and hypertension.

Checklist of Carbs Food Diabetic Can Eat

– Wheat bran, Barley, oats porridge.

– Fruits – apple, berries, citrus, pears, peaches, rubard, and plum.

– Vegetables – avocados, broccoli, beans, cauliflower, cabbage, carrots, cucumber, celery, lettuce, onions, mushrooms, peas, olives, pepper, tomatoes and spinach.

Checklist of Carbs Food Diabetic Should Avoid.

– Breakfast cereals -such as sugar coated cereals and cornflakes, white bread, biscuits, cakes, bagels, pancakes, doughnuts, bun muffins, white and brown rice.

– Fruit – Prunes, dates, watermelon.

– Vegetables – potatoes, broad beans, parsnip, Swede

Protein – about 12% to 20%

Protein is made up of compounds known as amino acids, the building blocks of all body tissue.

List of protein food that diabetic can eat

– Vegetables – millet, beans, lentils, soybeans

– Nuts – pine nuts, peanuts and Brazil

– Free range chicken and turkey (skin to be removed)

– Non-intensively reared – beef lamb, pork and veal

– Chicken eggs (NOT goose and duck eggs)

Fat – If you are diabetic, type of fat is important to control cholesterol level.

Fatty food that diabetic can eat

– Vegetables oils – sesame, pure olive, sunflower, soybean, Avocados

– Oily Fish – Tuna, salmon, mackerel, herrings

– Nuts and seed

– Spreadable Unsaturated Margarine

Fatty food list that you can consume sparingly

– Whole fat milk but skimmed milk is preferable

– Butter, cheese, cream, full fat yoghurt, frozen goodies

– Meat – pork and beef lamb

– Poultry – battery-framed chicken, goose, duck and turkey

– Eggs – particularly from battery farmed chickens

– Coconut oil.

Fatty food diabetic ought to avoid

– All processed foods like scotch eggs, sausage pies, and the likes

– Commercial foods that are fried like crisps, chips and battered fish

– Margarine especially the tough one

– Ready-made commercial foods such as biscuits, cakes and snack foods.

Fiber Our bodies cannot absorb a few of the food we eat if dietary fiber is absent in our system. Diabetic should also improve their intake of fiber rich foods. Fiber is a great defense from intestines disorders as well as colon cancer as well as for better bowel function. It’s usually recommended to have five portions of fiber-rich fruit and veggies a day.

Fiber food diebetic ought to eat

– Oats, oat bran, oatmeal, peas, fruit and beans barley

Diabetic food list can eat and by no means exhaustive. They are here to help you to decide what and just how much you can consume to manage your diabetes condition.

Source by Maria Salud Sapayan