Trac Outdoor T3002 Fishing Barometer

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Track pressure trends for greater fishing success. About TRAC Outdoor Products- It is a family-owned product development company founded in April of 1998 and located just outside Nashville, Tennessee. We are motivated to make leisure activities less work and more enjoyable for our customers.Easy to calibrate for local barometric pressure
Adjustable pressure change indicator
Color coded dial shows typical conditions for great, good or poor fishing
Sure-grip ABS plastic housing
Braided lanyard


Winter crankbait tips with The Bass College.
The Bass College is a different kind of site offering online bass fishing courses and one on one instructions in our teaching forums with Pros, Guides and Staff members from coast to coast. We offer FREE BAITS with all TACKLE WAREHOUSE orders, just click on the free baits offer for details. Register today, it’s FREE!


How To Catch Bass in The Fall (The Basics)

Today I teach y’all a little bit about Fall Bass Fishing and important lures to be throwing to maximize your chances at catching bass when the weather and water cools down. The most important baits to throw are the three that I use in the video; A crankbait, a spinnerbait, and a drop shot. I hope the video helped you in your quest to catch fall bass!
-Tight Lines!

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Why Use Plastic Worms for Catching Bass?

Plastic worms probably catch more bass than all other baits put together. Reason enough to use plastic worms for catching bass. Moreover they are simple to use. They are used by beginner and pro alike. Do not let the multitude of choices available today discourage you from using them.

If you are a beginner and want to learn how to fish plastic worms purchase four different colored worms sized 6-7 ½ inches and some 1/0 worm hooks. Get two dark colors and two light colors. These will cover most water conditions.

Rig your tackle with a Carolina rig and go fishing. Cast and retrieve until you get the feel of the worm moving through the water. Vary your retrieval speeds until you get a strike. Slow is better. Not getting any hits change colors. It is that simple to begin but as you gain experience you will want to learn much more about what works best in your waters.

Here are some of the questions you will need to answer as you become more proficient at catching bass.

· Where are the bass staging

· What color worm is best

· What size worm is best

· What size hook to use with each size worm

· What rig works best. The Carolina, Texas, Floating or one of the many others

· What size line to use

· How long should the leader be

· What kind of sinker to use

· How heavy should the sinker be

Some of the best anglers I know only carry three or four different worms with them and don’t vary their rigging much but they have fished those waters for a long time and have learned what works best for them. You can learn too and catch some fish while you are it. If you use plastic worms for catching bass you will rarely be disappointed.

fishing-technique-1149428.html”>Source by Doug Burns

Fishing Soft Plastics For Bass

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A guide does not have the option of only fishing when the weather is perfect and the fish are biting. Based on the hands-on day to day experiences of a northwoods fishing guide with over 40,000 hours on the water, this book will unlock a few secrets for anglers who fish soft plastics in northern waters. Even anglers who fish southern or western reservoirs will find a few tips that will help when the bite is tough.