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Italo and his guest Bill McFarlane use jigs and tube-grubs to catch clear-water, Great Lakes Smallmouth Bass.

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Bass Fishing Tips for Beginners – About Jerkbaits

As an ameture Bass Fisherman in the early 90’s , I started off by guessing which baits I needed to use to catch Bass. But one day at the grocery store I saw a Bass Magazine and purchased it. There was an article in it that focused on the Slug Go Plastic Soft Jerkbaits. Being that I had no clue at the time on lures, after reading the article, I imediately purchased a couple bags of Slug Go’s and Slug Go hooks. I felt at the time that this should be an easy soft lure to fish, you just put it on a hook and cast it out.

My first time on the water with Soft Jerkbaits was a success, call it” target=”_blank”>beginners luck. But to be honest with you, it was the first time that I actually went out and focused on fishing strictly for Bass. My Brother and I were fishing the well known Lake Minnetonka, which has to be the best fishery in Minnesota, we were so excited to fish that Morning that we arrived in the dark. This was my first time on this Lake, even though we only lived about twenty minutes from it.

Any way, we started out that morning with our new Soft Jerkbaits, fishing them the way the article I read said to. We weren’t getting any bites on them at first, but as time went on and we got the hang of this lure, things started to warm up. I remember casting the lure out into the water, not at any structure or anything, just casting it out. As I let the plastic sink, I got slammed by a pretty good size Bass and was like a freak jumping all around the boat . Now this was the first Bass we caught on this Lure and were very excited. We kept casting to that same spot over and over again, catching Bass on a consistant basis. After the bite stopped and we felt that the fish were done biting, we trolled over to where we where getting these hits. Come to find out according to the depth finder, there was some huge brush or tree under the water.

Ever since that day I have been hooked on Soft Plastic Jerkbaits.

Okay, enough of my story, now lets talk about how to rig this great lure.

I use a 5/0 offset worm hook on 6 inch and 2/0 on 4 inch Jerks, don’t use a hook that is too large because it will reduce the action and don’t use one that is too small , it will result in missed fish.

I use a 6 1/2 foot medium action spinning rod, spooled with 6 lb test line for my 4 inchers and up to 10 lb test for my 6 inchers.

Rigging a Soft Jerkbait is easy, just remember that you have to get the hook to run as centered as possible down the middle of the lure. If you don’t, the bait will not swim correctly and you will end up will with severe line twist.

1) Insert the point of the hook right at the tip or nose of the lure, penetrating about a 1/8 of an inch.

2) Bring the hook through the body and twist the point of the hook back toward the body.

3) Don’t put the point into the plastic quite yet, but put it along side the lure. This will show you were the hook point needs to be inserted. This will help you rig it correctly and give the lure its action.

4) Insert the point of the hook in to the pre rigged location and tie your line directly to the hook eye.

How to fish Soft Jerkbaits

I like to fish with this Soft Jerkbaits when the water temps get into the 60’s and will continue to fish it all Summer long. I will use this bait about 90% of the time in shallow water in depths of 1 to 5 foot of water.

Now I know that the title of this lure can be misleading, but you do not want to Jerk it with sharp quick snaps of your rod. This is one of the mistakes I made when I first started with this lure. These lures are suppose to represent a dying bait fish, not a live and active one.

Instead, after casting it out, let it sink for a few seconds until you can no longer see it, with your rod tip pointing down close to the water. Use a sweeping motion of your rod to bring it back to toward the surface and then letting it fall again at the same time reeling in the slack of your line. Also, you will get a large amount of your strikes as the lure falls or sinks. When you feel a strike, point your rod tip at your lure, reel up any slack and set the hook to the side not with an upward motion. If Bass are being picking and not taking your lure, try sizing down to a 4 inch Jerk and slow down your presentation.

Other ways to fish Softer Jerkbaits

When I am fishing deep water, I will use this lure on a Carolina Rig and bounce my 3/4 once bullet sinker around rocky points.

I will also dog it over submerged vegetaion, trying to call Bass to the surface.

I think my favorite way of fishing Soft Jerks, is to skip them wieghtless under docks and other over hanging cover.

In conclusion:

Give this lure some time, work it until you’re comfortable and you will catch Bass with it. 

As a Bass Fishing Beginner, I almost gave up on the sport of Bass Fishing due my lack of knowledge and frustration. Now I enjoy sharing”>my experiences with those who love to bass fish.

fishing-articles/best-lures-to-use-in-fishing-926521.html”>Source by Bassin Brad


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11 pound bass on Topwater Frog

the last ten minutes of fishing before the park closes. Throwing a River2Sea Spittin Wa and Managed to hook up a giant on a frog at Sycamore Island, Fresno, Ca 2/22/14


How To Catch GIANT Smallmouth Bass w/ Pete Gluszek – Bass Fishing Tips and Techniques

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Short sneak peek of Pete Gluszek’s 52 minute smallmouth bass class on The Bass University TV. Catching a giant smallmouth bass aka “Smallie” may be one of the most exciting things about bass fishing! Smallies are well known for being very aggressive and a blast to catch; they are also notorious for being difficult to locate from day to day. Consistently catching these big Smallmouths is Pete Gluszek’s expertiese and he will share the tips and techniques with you that he uses to put these brown fish in the boat! Pete talks about their preferred habitat, seasonal patterns, techniques, lures, and much more.

Pete covers:
-Lure color selection
-Stinger treble hook for spinnerbait
-Changing lure colors to re-ignite the school of bass
-Power-finesse approach
-Drop-shot rig


Get A Used Aluminum Fishing Boat For Free

I have explained elsewhere why I think aluminum is the only way to go when buying a fishing boat. There are a stack of reasons why aluminum fishing boats make the best boats.

However I’m sure you’ve found, if you’ve been doing some homework, that new aluminum boats aren’t cheap. For all the reasons I’ve explained about why aluminum boats make the best boats, aluminum fishing boats are extremely popular, and supply and demand being what it is, this make aluminum boats very expensive when buying brand new.

However there are some very good reasons for buying a used aluminum fishing boat, and if you do it right you can even get your fishing boat for free once you’ve sold it. Allow me to explain.

Buying a used fishing boat is way cheaper than buying a new boat. Like everything, when you buy new you pay a premium for that. When you buy a new car you lose a stack of money the day you drive it out of the showroom, and you’d probably be unable to sell it for what you paid for it, even if it’s got no miles on it.

It’s exactly the same with fishing boats. When you buy a new boat you’ll immediately lose quite a bit of money. So you can guarantee that when you come to sell it some years along, probably because you want a bigger one, you’re sure to lose some money.

HoWever if you buy a used aluminum fishing boat the chances are pretty good that it will cost you little or nothing once you’ve sold it. I use my own experience as an example. I bought a second hand 12 foot used aluminum fishing boat 2 years ago. I’ve used it for quite a few fishing trips over that time, and have 2 kids, so as they grow I am beginning to think about buying a bigger boat.

I recently started looking at prices for used aluminum boats and am quite convinced that my boat is worth as much, if not a fraction more than what I paid for it 2 years ago. So when I sell it, assuming I get what I paid for it, I have paid nothing for 2 years use of my fishing boat. That wouldn’t have ever happened if I bought my boat brand new. So in effect I’ve had my fishing boat for 2 years, for free.

This is because aluminum boats are pretty bomb proof, and last forever. So they retain their second hand value extremely well. A good aluminum boat will last long enough so that, if you keep it, you could probably will it to your kids. So they don’t deteriorate too much over time. This means that even an older boat is probably in good condition, and so will have good value.

Of course you need to take care of your boat, it you’ve banged it around and filled it with dents or scratched the paintwork a lot it won’t retain it’s value as well.

And of course you need to buy well, if you pay too much for your boat then you won’t get that back when you sell. But assuming that you buy a great used aluminum fishing boat at a fair price the chances are pretty good that it won’t cost you much, or anything, over the time you’ve got your boat, if you treat it well.

That’s how you buy a used aluminum fishing boat, for free.

fishing-boat-for-free-537720.html”>Source by Peter Clark

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Using Shad Patterns To Catch Big Bass (Shad Chaser Theme Box)

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Follow the bait, and you’ll find the bass. This time of year, most shad are moving from the main lake into the backs of creeks. This box contains baits specifically designed to help you catch bass that are feeding on shad in shallow water.


KOPPERS Live Target Frog – Topwater Fishing Tips (Hat Cam Bass)

Topwater largemouth bass fishing tips and observations with the Koppers Live Target Frog in heavy cover during the Fall. All filmed in HD with the hat cam.

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Favorites for Clear Water Smallmouth

Bass are a versatile species. Water Clarity determine how fish function. James and Al Lindner give a primer of clear water bass fishing. They are out on a deep, cold, weedy lake with plenty of Largemouth, but they are targeting Smallmouth Bass on shoreline areas shallower than 30 feet of water.


Topwater Frog Largemouth Bass Fishing Tips – How to Fish a Hollow Belly Frog

A topwater frog is used when fishing shallow water lakes for largemouth bass in grass and lily pads. In this topwater bass fishing tips video, Lake Fork Bass Guide Stephen Fatherree shares tips, techniques, and shows how to fish a hollow belly frog to catch heavy cover largemouth.


Striped Bass Fishing with Live Eels

How to catch Striped Bass surf fishing while casting live eels. Striped Bass fishing tips for catching big striped bass on live eels. See my book


BEST BIG Bass Fishing for Bass Tournament – HawgNSonsTV

September 12 2010 2:00pm Lake Geneva Wisconsin W 7mph. 75 degrees Sunny. Barometer 30.11 Rising, Waxing Crescent 32% of the Moon is Illuminated.BEST BIG Bass Fishing for Bass Tournament Fishing The BEST Bass Tournament, The Big Bucks Bass Tournament http://www.BigBucksBass.Com/ @ Lake Geneva Wisconsin with The Hewkinators, Mark and Jeramie Hewkin ……………………. Captured ONLY on http://www.HawgNSonsTV.Com

Music by:
“Impact Moderato” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Choose Your Lure, Three Must-Have Lures for Your Tackle Box-PartIII

You have just  launched your boat onto your favorite lake with dreams of that big bass dancing in your head. Within a few minutes daylight will start to break across the water.  Steering to a familiar cove, you shut down the motor and glide toward a group of trees protruding above the surface.  Lowering the trolling motor into the water and easing your way into a likely looking spot the boat coast to a near stop. You have come armed with your best top water lures and you are ready for some bass kicking action.

Hello, my name is Craige Bottorff, owner of CFB Fishing Gear and this is the third in a series of three articles called Choose Your Lure, Three Must-Have Lures for Your Tackle Box. Part III.

There is a lot of  bass fishing fun to be enjoyed in the great outdoors but perhaps none more exciting than the heart stopping action of top water fishing.

Top water baits can be fished most any time but I have found them to be the most effective in the summer months and on into the fall for largemouth bass. Early morning or late afternoon just before dark is the time when the bass will be receptive to top water baits. It may seem that when the water is perfectly calm and the surface is smooth as glass the fishing conditions might be considered close to perfect.  I would say not so.  I prefer a slight breeze that causes a small ripple across the surface of the water.  The ripple breaks up the fishes vision of the surface and beyond and yes fish have good vision. There have been times that I have seen fish in the water and could see them react to the bait moving through the air before it hit the surface of the water.

There are times when fish will strike almost anything thrown in front of them. Other times not so much.  One lure that I have come to appreciate for its dependability over the years is an old standby, the Heddon Zara Spook.  Introduced in 1939 the Zara Spook has become a favorite among thousands of anglers and was the first Heddon lure to sell over a million.  Famous for the water action called walking the dog, a method of working the bait across the surface twitching right and left on the retrieve. It takes a little practice to get the rhythm down right.

Sometimes the Zara Spook can be allowed to just float on the waters surface for a few seconds with no movement at all.  Then with just a slight twitch every few seconds the lure can be  made to resemble a wounded shad or other bait fish. I have seen bass explode on the Spook knocking it two or three feet in the air and missing the hooks completely. That is why when fishing top water baits the angler must learn to be patient when setting the hook  Because the bait can be seen on the surface of the water it is easy for and angler to get excited and try to set the hook as soon as the fish makes its first pass at the lure, pulling the bait away from the fish and losing the opportunity. The best way to avoid an attempted early hook set is to wait for a second or two after the bait has been pulled below the surface then set the hook.  If the fish misses the bait on the first strike sometimes it will come back and try a second pass but the most successful method is to learn to time your hook set.

The Heddon Zara Spook comes in a variety of sizes and colors.  I like the 5 inch, Bone color. It has been a good producer for me but I have had good luck with several other colors as well.  Sometimes a certain color can be hot for a particular lake. Try them all and make your choice. You will see why the Zara Spook has been such a success story for so many year.

fishing-articles/choose-your-lure-three-must-have-lures-for-your-tackle-box-partiii-4905033.html”>Source by Craige Bottorff

Bass Fishing at Night

Many people who are just starting out in the sport of bass fishing sometimes find it difficult to determine when the best time to catch bass really is.  Or – even if these rookies know the best times to fish – it can be tough to decide which method to use to actually catch the bass once they’ve started fishing.  The good news is that bass fishing has become such a prolific sport that there’s no shortage of advice to help get you through those troubling start-up times.

Bass, like most creatures, will usually stop biting during the hottest times of the day.  So during the summer months when the sun’s especially brutal, your best bet is to wait and enjoy the relative calm and cool of night fishing.  Bass fishing at night is best when you’re sure that the water won’t drop below sixty degrees.  Night fishing is a pretty much a sure bet if you’re fishing during the months of July and August.  If you’re fishing in the southern states, you could potentially fish at night for the majority of the year as temperatures may only be below eighty degrees for three or four months during the hardest portion of the winter.

If you’re going to fish at night, you shouldn’t have to change your habits too much.  Simply go out to deep water and look for the large rock formations and crevices on the bottom that provide shelter for the bass to hide out in.  This will increase your chances of catching a good-sized bass.  Of course, you’ll need to remember that in the dog days of summer when temperatures are in the 100o+ plus range, it’ll be difficult to catch bass at any depth above twenty feet, even at night. 

Another technique to use when you’re night fishing is to use a heavier type of bait or lure.  There are several reasons to do this.  One is that you’ll probably need to get as deep into the water as possible to attract the best fish and a heavier tackle will allow you to do this.  The other is to use a heavy tackle on the line to help you feel when you’re close to snagging a fish since it will be far more difficult for you to see anything at night.  This sensation of feeling your catch and using that as a means of guiding you through your night-time fishing expedition is a great way to get even more in touch with your overall fishing experience. 

Since you’ll be going out at night, it’s best to take as little equipment as possible so that you don’t clog up your boat with unnecessary clutter that will only get tangled up in the end.  However, don’t skimp out on the safety equipment you’ll need at night.  Some people who fish at night use black lights to help them see the nylon line – which glows under the black light – and to keep their equipment in check.  If you plan to fish at night alone, you’ll also want to have basic first aid equipment and a cell phone in case of emergencies.

fishing-articles/bass-fishing-at-night-478762.html”>Source by Ling Tong

Sight Fishing for Bass in Clear Water

Me and Shaine are teaming up to go after some hogs during the early part of the spawn. We found a lot of smaller male bass moving up on beds, but not the really big females we were hoping for. Later in the day we adjusted to catch more big fish. Be sure to go watch how we transitioned to catch them…


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How To Catch HUGE Peacock Bass!!HD Craziness

Went Out On A Mission To Film A Video On How To Catch Peacock Bass The We Ended Up Getting Sick Of Catching Fish!! Enjoy