Patented Weed Wacker Outboard boat motor attachment! Water Whizz

Finally what everyone has been talking about and trying! Aqua Marine Products LLC has patented the worlds smallest outboard boat motor attachment and its air cooled! No impeller needed because it attaches to your existing weed wacker and turns it into an outboard boat motor , to make a quick and easy transition from cutting grass to fishing for bass. Other videos on Youtube require extensive or permanent alterations to your weed wacker motor, but with the Water Whizz, it attaches as easy as all other weed wacker attachments, requiring just a few minutes to convert from a weed wacker to a boat motor or back again. The purpose of this video is not currently for consumer sales, but for a possible licensing agreement to get the Water Whizz on the market. For licensing agreement interests please contact us at our email

This product is patented in the United States and patent pending in Canada.