In PvZGW2, there are 10 hidden dead fishies scattered around the backyard that give you a unique reward when activated in the correct order. Sponsored by EA Ronku
If you die while activating these secrets, your progress will not be reset. And if you teleport home, you’re still fine. BUT while recording this video, the EA servers disconnected and I had to restart from the beginning.
►Handy Map!
1) Zompark 1:45
2) Sewer 2:05
3) Chris Park 2:45
4) By Zomdocks 3:13
5) Plantburbs 3:41
6) Sewers 4:08
7) Zombase Lair 4:55
8) Mall Rooftops 5:12
9) Zombase 5:54
10) Behind Zompark 6:07
Chest) Zompark

Gnome Man’s Land Achievement

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