Silverwood Lake Largemouth Bass Fishing in Southern California

One of the more popular types of bass fishing enjoyed by anglers is that of largemouth bass fishing. Although it can be fished all year round, the best crops are made during spring, when the largemouth bass is at its largest. Indeed, at certain areas such as Silverwood Lake in Southern California, this is the average size for catches.

Due to this, if you are fishing largemouth bass at Silverwood Lake using a powerboat, it is a good idea to keep the motor running at a very low level, if running it at all. Also, by keeping the rig at a distance while casting your line, you will be able to cast amongst a far better shoal of largemouth than if you were directly above them.

Some of the best bait to use is prop bait, surface lures and crank bait, especially on calmer waters. If you are fishing for males, the crank bait and the prop bait is the better option, while for females, it would be better to use night crawlers, live bait or slip sinker rigs.

During summer, the largemouth bass tend to swim in deeper water. At this time, if you want the best catch, the month of August is the most productive. This is due to August being that end of summer, beginning of Fall period, when they really come out in force.

With the evenings starting to get darker and the waters slowly shifting to less calm demeanor, it proves an ideal time for fishing the migrating bass. By combining this with larger bait, it should provide you with a better selection of fish as well.

For these late summer trips fishing, a slight change in bait and lures will also help yield a larger catch. By using specific lures such as red tail chubs, floating rapala and the Peo series lures, attracting them that little little easier. Since the bronze back variety of the bass tends to swim around rockier pools and lakes, these are prime areas that you would do well to fish in first.

Fishing in Southern California is at its finest when you go to Silverwood Lake. It is conveniently located near San Bernardino and is the state? S highest water reservoir and is known for exemplary fishing. Silverwood Lake is surrounded by Silverwood Lake Recreation State Park through which runs the highly acclaimed Pacific Crest Trail.

Silverwood Lake provides boat rentals and picnic areas which are accessible only by boat. The boat rentals are extremely popular and generally booked solid during the summer so it is advised to make reservations for a rental boat in advance.

Source by Warren Peters

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