The Best Big Bass Fishing Boats For Small Lakes and Ponds

When you are interested in purchasing bass fishing boats you need to consider many variables. The variables to be considered are:

• Price
• Portability
• Durability
• Capacity

Some of the questions you may ask yourself are: "Is it affordable, how easy can I transport it, will it hold up to outside conditions where I'm fishing and how many people can the boat hold?" These are a few of the questions we may need answered before purchasing a new bass fishing boat.

The five types of bass fishing boats that come to mind that meet this criteria are:

• Jon Boats
• Mini bass fishing boats
• Kayaks
• Canoes
• V-hull boats

Jon boats are the first choice because they have so many things to offer. In terms of portability they are extremely lightweight and portable. They can be transported in the back of a regular size truck. Jon boats are also very affordable and can be purchased for as little as $ 600 new. Used boats can be purchased for around $ 100. The average jon boat can hold approx. 3 people.

My second choice is Mini-bass boats; they are also extremely portable and can seat 1-2 people. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and range from $ 200 / new and up. Some of the smaller models are inflatable and make it very easy for the fisherman to transport and store after each use.

One boat which many people do not consider is a kayak. Kayaks are becoming more popular and a great asset to have. They are also affordable and a very versatile bass boat in terms of portability. In fact, two kayaks may be transported at the same time if your vehicle has a roof rack system. One of the best things about a kayak is that they can be used for whitewater rafting as well as bass fishing.

Canoes are one of the oldest styles of boats. They are not as portable compared to many other boats but they are very durable. However, they are affordable and can hold an average of three people or more. There are many styles and types of canoes to choose from and used canoes should not be much of a challenge to find when purchasing.

My last but not least choice is the v-hull style bass fishing boats. These are the most durable boats you will find. V-hull boats are the heaviest of the bass fishing boats listed here and must be towed behind a truck or suv with a trailer to the location you want to fish. However, one great advantage of this type of boat is the ability to mount a gas or electric powered motor onto the rear of the boat. Many of the other types of boats are only capable of mounting small electric motors.

Source by Michael F Hicks

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