Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Charles hosted President Donald Trump and his wife Melania on the first day of their three-day state visit this week. The Trumps were invited to a private afternoon tea at Clarence House as part of the lavish formalities coinciding with the D-Day 75th anniversaries. Camilla sent social media into meltdown after unexpectedly making a cheeky wink to behind the cameras after Mr Trump had passed by with her husband. Royal fans immediately jumped on the impromptu signal, speculating about what it could mean. Royal BOMBSHELL: Duchess of Cornwall set to receive MAJOR new title Camilla grabs Prince Charles as she wobbles at D-Day 75 service  Some royal commentators also joined in the fun, suggesting Camilla might be sending a ‘cry for help’ about her meeting with the US President. Royal Central Editor Charlie Proctor sent this wry tweet: “Royal Protection Officer: “Camilla, if you are in trouble then wink, we will come and rescue you.” However, royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams has thrown scorn on the idea, telling such a move would be unthinkable. He said: “The royals do not send any signals to the press. It is just not something they would do.  “If you started making fun or making subliminal messages, it makes absolutely no sense. “I think that it was sent as a friendly message [to the protection officer and media].” Mr Fitzwilliams said the Trumps’ stay was an important diplomacy tool for the UK, with Prince Charles presented as a “king in waiting”. He said: “The royals are a potent form of soft power and they performed exceptionally well. Camilla Parker-Bowles’ new royal title revealed on Saga cruise ship Prince Charles ‘EXERTED influence’ over Trump – ‘Changing his mind’  “Mr Trump respects power, the Queen has experience and dignity and is a cachet that he admires.” The visit was deemed a success, with few embarrassing gaffes from the US president as have come to be expected during his international trips. Mr Fitzwilliam said Mr Trump’s arrival was likely to have been “dreaded” following blunders he made while in Japan earlier this month. The American leader suffered several lapses of etiquette, eating US burgers during a lunch meeting with Japan’s prime minister, Shinzo Abe.   He also apparently overfed expensive carps at a palace koi pond by dumping a whole box in front of Mr Abe in a video circulating online. However “Koi-gate” was debunked after additional footage showed the US President had simply mirrored the actions of Japan’s Prime Minister in doing the same thing just a moment earlier. Mr Fitzwilliam said: “You would expect the UK visit to be absolute chaos but it wasn’t. “I think it was because Mr Trump admired the Queen so much as his mother was a great admirer of her.” Trump visit: Camilla’s wink was NOT aimed at Donald Trump ‘It makes NO sense’ – Daily News