Watch as we Catch 3 Big Bass 6-8 pounds, Bass Fishing Pomme de Terre,

I decided to make a highlight from many of the big bass I’ve caught on Pomme de Terre lake in southwest Missouri. Many people believe that all you can catch on Pomme are crappie and muskie! Though I’ve caught a few of both, I’m a life long hunter of big bass! This video highlights 3 or 4 of the biggest bass I’ve caught on Pomme de Terre in the past 2 years. There is some footage of catching bass either during the USA Bassin Divisional and Regional tournaments and pre fishing for them or fishing TriCounty Bass Club out of St Roberts! This video includes a 6.5+ lbr, a 7.2 lbr and a near 8 lbr caught on this ‘muskie’ lake in southwest Missouri!