Watch how Largemouth Bass Smash on ZOOM FLUKES

Watch and you will see 1/4 oz split shot at the eye of the Gamakatsu Wide gap hook 4/0 ! Before the weight was added I was throwing weightless working multiple techniques but, no intrest from the Bass. Drop shot Jig nothing untill I did the most unorthadox presentation by pressing on the 1/4 oz split in front of the eye of the hook and every bait after was CRUSHED !! Sometimes what we as Anglers think has got to work to trigger Strikes it’s usually the Oppisite that create the Strike. SLOW DOWN MOVEMENT. All my footage is shot on AS-15 Sony Camera’s in SLOW MOTION 720. As you slow down and watch the movements of the Flukes, Craws, Bugs, Paddle Tails, Worms. Everything Get’s the attention when pressented just a little SLOW ER ER lol. Striker did get hooked first time around. I was stund to see him return so fast after I gave him some Coffee Worms ( live night crawlers in coffee ) Look for Lipless Crank Bait Smashes soon.


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