What To Look For In A Bass Fishing Magazine Or Book

Have you ever had a person try to be an authority on a subject they knew nothing about? After talking to that person for a while you realize that he really doesn’t know what’s he talking about, let alone be able to teach it to anyone. There are people like that in every subject including bass fishing. So, you might want to ask yourself what do I want to look for when I subscribe to a bass fishing magazine or buy a bass fishing book.

Over the years, I have bought thousands of books and magazines on bass fishing. Many of them were outstanding but a few, once you got reading them made you wonder if the author had even went bass fishing in his life. Yes, they gave you bass fishing tips and told you how to use the newest bass fishing lure but overall it looked like he just read about the technique somewhere then copied it to his book or magazine. The technique he wrote about didn’t go into detail about how he used it personally or if he had any success with it in his own experience.

So, the very first thing I look for is experience, does the author or publisher of the magazine or bass fishing book have experience? I am not talking about a year of bass fishing or writing bass fishing reports that the local bait store has given them the information to write. Does the author actually use what he is recommending? If he is telling you how to win bass fishing tournaments, has he personally ever fished in them? I am talking about honest to goodness “I have caught bass for 10 years experience” and I can help you catch more bass by teaching you this method.

The second thing I look for is easy reading. I don’t want some big worded, long drawn out article about a certain aspect of bass fishing. I want something I can read, get the point of what the author is saying about the bass fishing technique and move on to the next article or chapter. Forget all the “fluff” the author has added to make the bass fishing article or story longer, just give it to me straight so I can move on to the next chapter and learn more bass fishing techniques.

I am a visual person, so I want pictures! I want to see what you’re talking about. I want to see the results of that big fish you landed using the technique you’re telling me to use. I want to see a diagram of the knot you used and how to tie it if you’re going to tell me to tie my line a certain way. If I am reading a book you wrote, I want to see pictures of that 10 pound bass you caught. So, the third thing I look for is pictures to prove to me you actually did what you said with this great bass fishing tip and so I can learn how to tie that knot with a diagram.

The fourth thing I want is access to your bass fishing homepage. I want somewhere I can go and follow up on other techniques to use. I also want a place I can check you out and read your other bass fishing articles or chapters of your books to really see if you know what you’re talking about when you tell me the way I should be bass fishing, and a place I can check your bio out to see if it matches the experience your telling me you have.

The fifth thing I want is simplicity. I don’t want to have to go out and buy a new bass boat just to try out your fantastic bass fishing tip or your new fangled bass fishing method. I don’t want to buy anything except maybe a new lure, rod, or a reel to catch fish with your technique. I want to be able to use this wonderful bass fishing tip even if I fish from shore. (Some exceptions to this rule, like deep water fishing, etc.) My point is I don’t want to have to buy some new expensive gadget to catch bass. Just give me the basics that almost anyone can use regardless, of where they fish for bass.

My next article will cover tips 6-10 for what to look for in bass fishing books and magazines.

Source by Charles E. White

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