Where's The Best Bass Fishing?

So you want to find the best place to find bass fishing in the country. Chances are you are not the only one. The best bass fishing has to be successful, challenging and of course prolific!

There as many theories on where to fish for bass as there are bass anglers. Depending on the time of year, the conditions in which you wish to fish, the type of bass for which you intend to fish, and a thousand and one other variables. The best advice available is that there are some great bass fishing locations in various great states in the United States, and based on your personal tastes, you just have to fish a few of them and find one that is convenient and works well for your personal tastes and fishing styles. One place may yield great results at one particular time of year and will actually dead the other, and likewise with a plentitude of other variables, but the following list of places and techniques for bass fishing will always give you good, reliable results within specific parameters .

Your first step should be to determine some basics about where to find the bass in any given body of water. A few specifics will almost always hold true no matter where you are fishing. In the first place, bass are found naturally within the continent of the United States. Largemouth bass prefer still water, and smallmouth bass like rough water. All bass like weedy areas, and you can often find them in areas providing lots of cover. If you find an area rich with lily pads on a cloudy day, you are quite likely to find bass there as well. Bass may be successfully fished all year round, but the best temperature for catching bass is between fifty and eighty degrees.

Bass tend to like a bait that moves. Whether it is live bait such as minnows or tadpoles or artificial bait like plastic worms, or brightly colored lures, bass strike at anything that catches their attention, so take advantage of that. During the spawn, using a black lizard around their spawning grounds, and the bass will react quickly, because they believe they are protecting their territory from aggressors.

Bass tend to react more slowly and become much more inactive during cold weather, so if you are fishing in colder temperatures, give your fish a little more time to react to the bait. Simply reel your bait in a little more slowly than you would on a warmer day.

If you are fishing in highly sunny days, fish deeper. If you fish in areas that provide plenty of cover and adjust your depth, you should have better luck during these times of the day.

If you take these bits of advice on technique and apply just a bit of common sense, you will find it much easier to catch fish in great locations such as Dixon Lake near San Diego, California. The 4th largest bass of all times was done on Dixon Lake. Since the year 2001, Lake Dixon has produced record sized bass. In fact, out of the fifteenth largest bass of all time, three of them have come from Dixon Lake. Those kinds of records can not be argued against. If you are looking for record size catches, it is safe to assert that Lake Dixon has to be in the running as the greatest place to catch bass in the country.

Source by Daniel Eggertsen

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