Winter 2017 Bass Fishing Tips and Techniques

Bass Fishing Bait Reviews from BassfishingEd & Ed’s Tackle Review. Winter Bass Fishing Lures, Tips, and Techniques. In this video I cover my winter bass fishing baits and techniques, I will leave links below for any of the baits I have done Reviews on to give you a chance to get a more in-depth look at how I fish them. The Techniques I used are as follows

Jigs / Ned Rig / Lipless Crankbait / Huddleston Swimbait

Drop Shot –

Worm Fishing –

6″ Grub Fishing –

5″ Grub –

Finesse Swimbaits –

Flukes / Soft Jerkbaits –

Ed’ Tackle Review Link

If you use these Winter Bass fishing baits along with the techniques, and tips I gave you, they will help you learn how to catch more fish when you fish a small pond, farm ponds, swamps, lakes, marsh, highland reservoirs, rock quarries, oxbows, rivers, streams, deltas, levees, aqua ducts, dykes & tributaries. Fishing from Kayaks, fishing from tubes, fishing from shore, fishing from the bank, and fishing on a boat.

I have used the tips & techniques I gave you and they will help you catch more fish (Bass) on Lake Mead, Lake Mohave, Lake Havasu, Lake Perris, Lake Otay, San Vicente Reservoir, The California Delta, Clear Lake, Lake Hodges, Silverwood Lake & Diamond Valley Lake.

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